NU Women's Powerlifting

Video produced by the NU Women's Powerlifting Team 2015.

We are raising money and awareness for our upcoming 2016 National Championships. These will take place during April in Rhode Island. We would like to take all NUPL women who qualify, but in order to do that we need your help! We plan on taking home the gold.

In 2010, a former track star by the name of Shaina Petit, B’12 was approached by Northeastern athletic trainer, Mike Zawilinski for her strength. Shortly after, this dedicated woman fought to create a female division of the established Northeastern University Powerlifting team. Since then, our team has multiplied, beginning with only 3 and now boasts an incredible 20 female athletes! Each year the knowledge base and talent of the women on our team has surpassed the previous. These powerlifting ladies, now trained by former member, Erika Meyers, physical therapist Katie Calpino, and Mike are dedicated to the sport and the growth of the team. The team has our sights set high, hoping to win the Collegiate Nationals Competition.

The challenge we face is competing against the southern universities where their athletes have been lifting since they were born. Despite this handicap, our team has finished in the top five for the past five years. Through our hard work, and the help of our supporters, we dream to place first this year in Rhode Island and prove that Northeastern University has become an elite site for powerlifting growth and success. In order to do this, we need every team member eligible to lift in Rhode Island. This is where you all come in – we need help raising the money to send us to Rhode Island so that we can achieve our dream and show to the nation just how far Northeastern University Women’s Powerlifting has come.

As the largest powerlifting team in the country, we are bringing much needed awareness to a small, yet incredibly impactful sport. Funding the 2016 Nationals will bring the women's powerlifting team closer to our goal of being the best in the nation. Northeastern Powerlifting is already an incredibly well respected name, and having it so close to home will only raise awareness of powerlifting in the Northeast!

Our Goal

Our initial goal is to raise $2,500 to be used towards sending our full team of 20 women to Nationals in Rhode Island.

Thank You For Your Support!


About The NU Women's Powerlifting Team

The Northeastern University Women’s Powerlifting Team is committed to facilitating a productive atmosphere for the furthering of current and prospective member’s athletic and professional powerlifting careers. NUWPL will achieve this commitment by consistently striving towards the following objectives: Encourage proper and effective powerlifting in raw and geared training cycles, uphold Northeastern University student conduct and IPF/USAPL standards, stimulate confidence and ambition within all of its members, Develop a flexible, self sufficient, and reliable group able to withstand dynamic atmospheres, endorse strength in all lifestyle aspects, promote drug­free powerlifting in the Northeastern region of the United States and across the globe and Produce a professional and competitive presence at USAPL Collegiate Nationals.

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