2015 Collegiate National Championships

Video produced by Northeastern University Men's Swim Club 2014

Coming off an incredibly successful 2013-2014 season, the Northeastern University Men's Swim Club is anxious to get back in the water and chase after another shot at the podium at the 2015 Collegiate Swim Club National Championships.

Last April, we made club history by bringing 26 athletes and two coaches to the three-day meet. Overall, everybody swam fast, had fun, and was able to finally reap the rewards of the countless hours of practice leading up to this weekend. The club's executive board was proud to see so many swimmers represent Northeastern at the meet and each claim their own personal successes. This would not have been possible without extensive fundraising to minimize each swimmer's out-of-pocket cost.

As we look to return to Atlanta for another championship this upcoming April, NUMSC hopes to raise money to continue to offer an affordable price for this trip and give our members a chance to showcase their abilities against some great competition!

With your help, NUMSC will be able to subsidize the cost of our trip to Nationals for each of our swimmers and coaches, eltimating the financial barriers to compete. We take pride as a team in working together to ensure that all members will have the opportunity to represent Northeastern University on a national level.

Our Initial Goal - $1,000

Our initial goal is to raise $1,000. This money will be put toward the large cost of our Nationals trip, which in turn will lower the out-of-pocket costs for each of our swimmers.

Our Additional Goal - $1,000

Thanks to the support of our donors, we have reached our initial goal of $1,000. With the time remaining, we hope to raise an additional $1,000, which will further reduce the out-of-pocket cost for each swimmer attending Nationals.


Thank you for your support!

About Northeastern University Men's Swim Club

Northeastern University Swim Club is an organization run by student-athletes that aims to provide a positive environment for its members through structured practices and competitions with other collegiate swimming clubs. In the 12 years that the club has been in existence, it has been home to swimmers of all skill levels and competitive backgrounds. Through this diversity, members are able to grow and learn from one another while sharing their common love for the sport.

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