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Video produced by Northeastern University Men's Swim Club 2013

With high hopes for the season that lies ahead of us, the Northeastern University Swim Club is committed to creating a better training environment and greater opportunities for our members. Our aim is to provide all of our swimmers with the quality coaching, equipment, and training they need to perform to the best of their ability throughout our season.

In order to achieve our competitive goals, it is essential that our swimmers have access to the necessary equipment at practice. With the proper equipment, swimmers are able to refine their stroke technique, build stronger muscle memory, get in more distance per practice, and learn to adapt to the water in the most efficient way possible. 

With your help, we hope to deliver every opportunity possible to continue our tradition of excellence and further better the Northeastern University Swim Club, for not only ourselves, but also for future Northeastern swimmers. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Our Goal

It is our goal to raise $1500 to purchase 35 pairs of Speedo swim fins, and 35 pairs of Speedo paddles. A purchase of this size would supply each member of our team with the neccessary training equipment. If we are able to meet this immediate need we seek to fundraise for an additional $750 so we can provide each member with a mesh bag to store these items.


Thank you for your support!

About Northeastern University Men's Swim Club

Northeastern University Swim Club is a student-athlete run organization which aims to provide a positive environment for its members through structured practices and competitions with other collegiate swimming clubs. In the 11 years that the club has been in existence, it has been home to swimmers of all skill levels and competitive backgrounds. Through this diversity, members are able to grow and learn from one another while sharing their common love for the sport.

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