Northeastern University Men's Powerlifting

Video produced by the Men's Powerlfiting Team 2015.

Northeastern University Men’s Club Powerlifting (NUPL) is an organization that strives to create a friendly and competitive environment for members to grow in both character and physical strength. Since the team was established in 2007, it has produced numerous national champions and even world competitors. For example, in November 2015, founder Joe Cappellino competed in the International Powerlifting Federation's World Championships, the highest level of competition in the sport. Joe represented the United States tremendously by placing third in his weight class; other members are sure to follow in his footsteps. With one of the largest clubs on campus, we pride ourselves with our impressive diversity, in which members from many different backgrounds can share their enthusiasm for strength sports. With one of the largest teams to date, we've come together with a goal to raise enough funds to finance our trip to the 2016 Collegiate Powerlifting Nationals in Providence, Rhode Island. Our hope is that the trip can be affordable for all teammates, so we can represent Northeastern University with pride.

The commitment of NUPL members to the team is truly remarkable, especially for a club sport. By the end of the season each student athlete will dedicate up to 20 hours per week during team practices, hosting competitions, and additional lifting on their own time to prepare for Collegiate Nationals. Though juggling difficult course loads with the inherent demands of powerlifting, each member commits themselves to giving back to the sport. By giving to our project, you will help promote and support not only Northeastern students, but also the sport of powerlifting in the United States. Northeastern University is the only school in the Northeast to have a team of this size and caliber and is well known throughout the powerlifting community. When running some of the largest powerlifting meets in history, the team is held in reverence by the top level athletes in this sport. As a result, the team will only continue to grow in popularity in the future.

By raising enough money to bring all members of the men's team, it gives us a chance to represent Northeastern and continue to spread our message to the rest of the country. Your gift will also enhance the educational experiences of every student involved by giving them a chance to compete at one of the largest competitions of the year and make a lasting impact on this sport. We sincerely appreciate all the contributions and encouragement from our supporters; without you, these opportunities would not be possible.

Our Goal

Our initial goal is to raise $500 via Catalyst. These funds will be used directly towards the team's travel costs for the 2016 Collegitae Nationals in Providence, Rhode Island.

Our Stretch Goal = $1,500

Our stretch goal is tom raise an additional $1,500 to be used to further cover costs of attending collegiate nationals.

Thank You For Your Support!


About Northeastern Men's Powerlifitng

Powerlifting is a sport in which maximal strength is tested through three different lifts. It has experienced growth and new-found popularity in recent years. Likewise, the Northeastern University Men's Powerlifting team (NUPL) has seen impressive growth and success since its founding in 2007. The men's and women's teams train together to compete each year in several competitions across the country. The biggest meet the team sets its sights on is the annual Collegiate Nationals competition, in which teams from across the United States travel for their chance at winning the first place team trophy. We aim to achieve this title while providing a fun, safe, and encouraging environment for all members.

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