AMA International Collegiate Conference

Video produced by the Northeastern University Marketing Association 2015.

The Northeastern University Marketing Association plans to attend the American Marketing Association’s 37th annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans this spring. While at the conference, we will compete against other schools from around the world in the Chapter Exhibit competition, where we will construct an interactive tradeshow booth to showcase NUMA’s activities over the past year. This 10x10 interactive exhibit will be judged based on educational value, communication of chapter activities, use of conference theme, and student choice.

Attending the AMA International Collegiate Conference is one of the best investments an aspiring marketer can make. Our members will join over 1,400 student marketers from around the world for a weekend packed with presentations from top industry representatives, networking opportunities, and marketing-related competitions. Last year, we took home an award for Outstanding Professional Development based on our activities as an organization. After planning and preparing all year for this conference, we are confident that we will earn more awards on behalf of Northeastern University.

Our Goal

Our Catalyst goal is to raise $1,000. This funding is neccessary to cover expenses associated with participating in the Chapter Exhibit competition at the conference. We will need to purchase, decorate, and ship a 10x10 tent to showcase our accomplishments throughout the year.

Thank you for your support!


About the Northeastern University Marketing Association

The Northeastern University Marketing Association (NUMA) is a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). We are a dedicated student group committed to satisfying the interests of students who wish to incorporate marketing into their lives and future careers. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for driven young minds to continue marketing-based learning outside of the classroom. NUMA welcomes students from every major and undergraduate class.

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