Collegiate National Powerlifting Championships

Video produced by the Northeastern University Men's Powerlifting Team 2014.

Northeastern University Men’s Club Powerlifting (NUPL) is an organization that strives to create a friendly yet competitive environment for students to grow in both character and physical strength.

Since the club was established in 2007, NUPL has produced numerous national champions and even world competitors. With one of the largest clubs on campus, we pride ourselves with our sizable diversity, in which members from many different backgrounds can share their enthusiasm for strength sport. With such a large team this year, we've come together with a goal to raise enough funds to finance our trip to the 2015 Collegiate Powerlifting Nationals in Atlanta. Our hope is that the trip can be affordable for each member so we all may represent Northeastern University with pride.

The commitment of NUPL members to the team is exceptional. By the end of the season each student athlete will dedicate up to 20 hours per week in the fitness room to prepare for Collegiate Nationals. On top of juggling our course load with the demands of powerlifting, each member commits themselves to giving back to the sport, by means of volunteering our time at competitor and public meets.  

By giving to our project, you will help promote and support not only Northeastern students, but also the sport of powerlifting in the United States. Northeastern University is the only school in the Northeast to have a team of this size and caliber and is well known throughout the powerlifting community. By raising enough money to bring all members of the men's team, it gives us a chance to represent Northeastern and gain attention from potential lifters as well as the rest of the country. Your gift will also enhance the educational experiences of every student involved by giving them a chance to compete at a national level and make a lasting impact on the world of powerlifting.

We sincerely appreciate all the contributions and encouragement from our supporters.

Our Initial Goal - $1,000

Our initial Catalyst goal is to raise $1,000. This money will be directly applied toward the team’s airline travel to the 2015 Collegiate National Powerlifting Championships in Atlanta. The $1,000 raised through Catalyst will be combined with additional funding sourced through club savings, membership dues, and earnings obtained by hosting powerlifting competitions to cover the full cost of flights.

Our Additional Goal - $1,000

Thanks to our generous supporters, we were able to reach our initial goal. We hope to continue raising an additional $1,000 towards travel expenses for the 2015 Collegiate Nationals in Atlanta, GA. These funds will relieve pressure on the team's savings and allow us to budget for an expanding team and upgrade team equipment.

Thank you for your support!


About the Northeastern Men's Powerlifting Team

Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three lifts at maximal weight. Founded in 2007, Northeastern Men’s Club Powerlifting provides a motivating, safe, and fun environment to learn how to perform these lifts with proper technique. With the help of a highly qualified coach, Michael Zawilinski, team practices are meticulously structured and highly efficient. At the end of each year, members will have volunteered at many events, evolved both physically and mentally, and become part of a family of like-minded people.

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