Northeastern University Men's Club Lacrosse

Video produced by the NU Men's Club Lacrosse Team 2016.

The Northeastern Men’s Lacrosse team is going into the upcoming season ranked 27th in the MCLA.  Our goal is to climb as high in the rankings as possible—and to make it to the national tournament.  In order to do that, we need to travel to play some of the best teams in the league, and within our own conference. We already played games against #19 ranked Florida State University and the University of Tampa in a one-week trip to Florida over Northeastern’s spring break. We are also traveling to Indiana and Purdue in a weekend trip to Indiana in addition to conference games at UConn and UNH. These trips require lengthy bus trips, adding to the overall travel cost for the team this season.  Though we have been fortunate with our supporters over the years, and indeed this year, the Northeastern Men’s Lacrosse program needs the support of alumni, friends and family to make the trip to Indiana possible.

Being part of a team and learning how to work through challenges to accomplish a goal is an important lesson for all college students. The opportunity to travel together as a team strengthens bonds and team chemistry, while also pushing our team to compete at a higher level of lacrosse. Being able to play against top teams across the nation is an experience that few athletes participate in during their collegiate career. Traveling to play these top teams is essential to accomplish our season’s goal of competing at the national tournament in May. We appreciate your consideration to provide our team with the opportunity to chase our dream.

Our Goal

Our initial goal is to raise $2,000 via Catalyst. This money will help subsidize the cost of our upcoming trip to Indiana. Below are some milestone amounts your donation will work towards for the team:
• $100 covers the cost of a hotel room for four teammates for one night
• $150 covers the cost of a van for a day
• $260 covers round-trip airfare for one athlete

Our Stretch Goal: $7,500

Our stretch goal is to raise $7,500. This money wil go toward travel expenses throughout the season.

Thank you for your support!


About Men's Club Lacrosse

The Northeastern University Men’s Lacrosse team is a family. We are teammates, friends, and brothers both on and off the field. We strive to make ourselves and each other better as individuals so that we can become champions as a team. Our team has an impressive roster full of individual skill, but it is our ability to come together as one that allows us to reach our full potential.

The Northeastern Men’s Lacrosse team competes in the Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League (PCLL), one of ten divisions in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Associate (MCLA). We have a strong previous record, most recently making it to the MCLA National Tournament in 2014.

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