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Video produced by Club Field Hockey 2015.

The Northeastern Club Field Hockey team has qualified for the 2015 National Tournament in Virginia Beach and we need your help getting there! At nationals, we will be competing against the top 16 division 1 club field hockey teams in the nation for the championship title. The past 11 years we have qualified for nationals and in 2008 we won the championship. The past 3 years the Huskies have been semi-finalists, and with an undefeated record halfway through this current season, we are hoping to take home the title this year!

To participate in the National Tournament, the 20 traveling student-athletes are responsible for paying all transportation, accommodation, and tournament fees out of pocket. With your generous donation we would be able to drastically shrink the financial burden placed on the individual players on our team, and Northeastern Club Field Hockey can collectively attend nationals regardless of an individual’s financial situation. In addition to competing for the national title, this event develops unmatchable cohesion between our players. We will be eating, lodging, traveling, bonding, and of course playing, together for an entire weekend. In the past we’ve noticed that newer players on the team benefit most from this experience as they become more comfortable with the team and truly feel as if they are part of a positive, engaging community.

We take pride in our strong work ethic and integrity on and off the field. Our passion for the sport is shown through our on-field determination as well as in the care with which we operate the team. We take great pride in what we do, but would not be where we are today without the support of our donors.

Our team looks forward to representing Northeastern University in Virginia Beach with our best athletic efforts and demonstrating the immense pride we have in our much esteemed university. Thank you in advance for any contribution you can make to help us get there!

Northeastern Club Field Hockey serves as an incredible outlet for many student-athletes. We join as strangers, grow as teammates, and leave as lifelong friends. As a team, we push each other to excel athletically, academically, and offer our full support wherever necessary. It is our hope that the success of our team at nationals will encourage our program’s growth and facilitate recruitment for the upcoming years. This will allow even more student-athletes to participate and join the determined and supportive community club field hockey creates.

Our Goal

Our initial fundraising goal is to raise $1000 which will cover the flights to Virginia Beach for our twenty student athletes.

Our Stretch Goal = $2,000

Our stretch goal is to raise an additional $2,000 to be used for safe accommodations for our student athletes in Virginia Beach. In addition, if we reach this stretch goal we will fund a community service event for 150 women at Rosie's Place.

Thank you for your support!



About Club Field Hockey

The Northeastern University Club Field Hockey team is a self-run, self-funded, and self-coached student organization. We are a co-rec organization and have approximately 20 student-athletes on our roster. We play competitively in the National Field Hockey league against other Division 1 club teams and strive every year to qualify for the National Tournament. We play to challenge ourselves, prove our athleticism, and strengthen our team bond.

Committed to excellence, teamwork, and fun, club field hockey collaborates as one to accomplish our goals on and off the field.

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