Water for El Carrizalito

El Carrizalito is a small, rural village of 200 people in the Yoro District of Honduras. Known as “The Village in the Clouds," the community must carry water a long distance from a source lower in elevation than the village to meet their basic needs. Currently, the group is designing a multi-phase water distribution system for El Carrizalito that includes pumping the water up to the village. The group hopes to make another visit to the village in August to begin implementing the first phase. Providing easier access to water extends the length of time that children are able to spend in school and that adults are able to
work. The health, education and future economic development in El Carrizalito depends on the success of this water project.

Our Goal

EWB-NEU requests $2500 for five students to travel to El Carrizalito, Honduras, in August 2012 to begin implementation of phase one of the system, overseeing construction of an electrical line to pump water to the houses in this village.  It costs EWB-NEU $500 per student for travel expenses.  Increasing funding allows us to better supervise construction and offers these five students the life changing experience to work closely with community and experience a different culture.

Thank You for Your Support!

About Engineers Without Borders

Established in 2004, Engineers Without Borders at Northeastern University (EWB-NEU) is a student chapter of the national non-profit organization Engineers Without Borders-USA. We work for the belief that all people have a right to potable, easily accessible water. The group has completed projects in three communities in Honduras serving more than 600 people, and is progressing steadily with three current projects in Honduras and Uganda slated to increase the total number of people served to over 2,000. All work is completed by students and checked by local professional engineers.

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