National Dance Alliance Camp

Video produced by the Northeastern University Dance Team, 2015.

The Northeastern University Dance Team is a competitive team of dancers and the only dance group on campus to be officially recognized as a club sport. We perform at all men’s and women’s home basketball games and travel with both teams to their conference tournaments every March. Each season we compete against regional and national dance teams to challenge ourselves, prove our athleticism, and strengthen our team bond.

Last year we decided to take our team to the next competitive level by becoming the first Northeastern dance team to qualify and attend the televised National Dance Alliance (NDA) Championship in Daytona, Florida. We were so proud of our performance and results and can’t wait to compete against the best of the best again this year.

In order to qualify for nationals, we must earn a bid by attending camp each summer. NDA camp is a grueling but rewarding three-day event where we learn team dances and compete against 8-10 college teams to earn one of three scholarships to the championship. This year we hope to take home a gold, the highest scholarship award to nationals in Daytona.

We need your help to get there! Camp is on July 26, and we need all of our fans, friends, and families to help support our road to nationals. Please consider donating to our Catalyst campaign to take us to camp and earn our way to nationals. Thank you!

Our Initial Goal - $1,000

Our initial Catalyst goal is $1,000. This money will be used to cover the expenses for all team members to attend the National Dance Alliance camp. Attending camp will give us the opportunity to win a bid to nationals.

Our Additional Goal - $1,500

Thank you to all our donors - we can't express our gratitude enough! Now that we have raised enough money to attend NDA camp, our stretch goal is to raise an additional $1,500. This money will be used to supplement travel expenses for our team throughout the season as we travel to choreography camps, regional competitions, and hopefully Daytona, FL for Nationals in April.

Thank you for your support!


About the Northeastern University Dance Team

The Northeastern University Dance Team is a group of 15-20 women who perform at all of the men's and women's basketball games. The team strives to raise school spirit at all of these games and encourage the student body to support their school's teams. We travel with these teams to CAA tournaments and March Madness to represent our university's support and spirit throughout the nation. Every year the team also works to win a bid at the National Dance Alliance camp to help us go to their nationals in Daytona, Florida. This competition is highly competitive and brings college dance teams from around the nation to compete for their division's title.

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