Northeastern University Choral Society

Video produced by the Northeastern University Choral Society 2016.

Each semester we award two students a discounted price for voice lessons. We usually have enough funds to cover half of the cost of lessons, but with additional funds, we will be able to fully subsidize the students who are awarded lessons, as well as support lessons for a larger number of students. These students are chosen by the choral officers and section leaders, so they are always given to students that will benefit from lessons and provide those benefits for future semesters of singing. Voice lessons cost $500 per person each semester and students who are interested in learning and growing cannot aford the full expenses. These lessons will benefit our group both individually and as a whole.

The funds we raise will catapult our overall skills as musicians and singers, and allow us to tackle musically difficult arrangements. Many of our choir’s singers would love the opportunity to expand their knowledge of music and singing; the best part is that these skills can be passed on during rehearsals, and can ultimately help the sound of our entire choir. Growing as musicians will allow us to improve our professionalism and strengthen our community. It is with your help that we can expand our knowledge. We truly appreciate your support!

Our Goal

Our initial goal is to raise $1,000 via Catalyst. This money will go directly towards vocal lessons for students.

Our Stretch Goal: $1,000

Our stretch goal is to raise an additional $1,000. This money will support extra voice lessons for students next semester.

Thank You For Your Support!


About The Northeastern University Choral Society

The Northeastern University Choral Society is the university’s largest vocal ensemble. Each semester, we prepare a different set of choral music to perform in concert. We usually hire a professional orchestra to accompany us, and pride ourselves on our professional sound. After a semester of long rehearsals and weeks of preparation, performing in the concert is always gratifying. We have a chance to teach our friends about music, impress our grandparents, and support our fellow singers throughout the performance. Sharing music with others is an amazing experience, and when the product of weeks of learning and practice sounds incredible, it builds a strong community.

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