Voice Lesson Scholarships

Video produced by the Northeastern University Choral Society 2014.

We are aiming to offer voice lesson scholarships which will be available to interested students in our choir who are dedicated to expanding their skills. The total cost of voice lessons is $500 per student. There are students who are interested in this study but cannot afford the full expense so our goal is to subsidize 50% of the students cost. This will greatly benefit both the individuals and our organization as a whole.

A student who has studied voice is able to make a more significant contribution to the sound of the Choral Society, while growing as an individual. The performance quality of the Choral Society is also enhanced by the combined professionalism of its membership. The quality of the performance of the Northeastern Choral Society reflects well on the reputation of the university as a whole. The Choral Society is proud of the fact that some of its performing members and its audience are Northeastern alumni. We truly appreciate any and all continued engagement and financial support!

Our Initial Goal - $500

Our initial goal is to raise $500. We would use this money to provide a 50% subsidy for two voice lesson scholarships. We feel it is important that the students contribute the other 50% on their own to ensure that he/she is invested in their study of music.

Our Additional Goal - $500

Thank you to everyone who donated for our voice lesson scholarship program! We are very excited to put the money to good use, training our students. Our next project is also pretty exciting and we hope you will take the time to contribute to that too. We are looking at new concert spaces that will allow us to invite more people from our community to enjoy a night of music at our end-of-semester concerts. A possible location is Jordan Hall, just down the street at the New England Conservatory. We would appreciate any contribution that can help us reach the total fees associated with holding a concert for next semester! Thank you!

Thank you for your support!


About the Northeastern University Choral Society

The objectives of the Choral Society are to foster aesthetic and educational experiences through the rehearsal and performance of choral music, and to promote harmonious social interaction among members of the Northeastern community. We are a group of about 100 undergraduate students and alumni.

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