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Video produced by the Northeastern University Cheerleading Team 2016.

Northeastern Cheerleading will be heading to sunny Daytona Beach, Florida in April 2016 to compete in NCA Nationals! We are so excited to have the opportunity to travel back down to Florida and compete against other All Girl Division 1 teams from around the country. We last competed All Girl in 2012, and cannot wait to show how much we have grown since that performance.

Since nationals is quite an expensive trip to make, we are asking family, friends, alumni, and the Northeastern community to help us make the trip a little more affordable. Our total expenses for the season have reached about $25,000 so far, including nationals. We have already paid for amazing choreography (thanks Filippo!), music, and competition uniforms (thanks Rebel Athletic!). We will use donations to cover the travel costs of getting to Daytona.

With the amount of time we spend with one another on and off the mat, we truly consider ourselves to be a family. We support and push each other athletically and academically, and while we sweat together, we also celebrate together. Cheerleading is a sport all in its own, meaning every member plays a critical role in the team's success. We have generated higher involvement and interest in the sport over the past few years and success at nationals would further increase our ability to recruit on campus. Your generous donation, no matter how big or small, will make a huge difference for our team by helping us to afford the travel expenses of going to nationals.

Our project will provide our team with the experience of working towards and competing at the NCA competition where we will be able to represent Northeastern University in front of the entire country. We take immense pride in our ability to be an ambassador to Northeastern and we have received great feedback for carrying on the legacy that accompanies Northeastern Cheerleading. Our intention is to carry on this legacy by representing Northeastern at nationals where we will compete against other teams to win a championship title that we can bring home to our University. This project will heighten our educational experience as it puts extensive hard work to the test, while teaching us how to develop strong work ethics. Through perseverance, we build each other up and learn to trust our teammates to create valuable relationships that make us feel like family. 

From all of us on Northeastern Cheerleading, thank you in advance for your help!

Our Goal

Our initial goal is to raise $2,500 via Catalyst. This money will go directly towards our travel expenses in reaching the national championships.

Our Stretch Goal: $8,000

Our stretch goal is to raise an additional $8,000 which will go towards registration and hotel costs for the national championships.

Thank You For Your Support!


About Northeastern University Cheerleading

The Northeastern University Cheerleading Team is a competition and game team, which works across university channels as both a Club Sports and Varsity Spirit organization, as well as an enthusiastic ambassador to the University. Our varsity responsibilities include cheering for all men and women basketball home games and traveling to the CAA tournament with the teams. As a club sport, we compete on both the local and national level. This year, we have once again qualified to compete at the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship through attending the National Cheerleaders Association college camp. Finally, as ambassadors, we attend new student orientations, Empower events, student fairs, welcome days, and athletic promotional activities. We are a diverse group of individuals and students from a variety of majors, interests, and backgrounds. We attend lifting and tumbling sessions every week because we are extremely committed to NU cheer's present and future success.

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