2015 Spring Training Showcase

Video produced by Northeastern University Club Baseball 2015.

This March, we, the Northeastern University Club Baseball team, will be attending the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) 2015 Spring Training Showcase in Tampa, Florida. At this event, we will compete against nationally recognized collegiate sports programs such as Penn State, North Carolina State, Boston University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Virginia Tech. Our team has attended the showcase in the past and has been fortunate enough to make countless memories while playing the sport we have grown to love so much.

In order to participate in this trip, the 11 traveling members of our team are responsible for paying all expenses out of pocket, including registration fees, field time, lodging, and transportation. With your help, we believe we can shrink the financial burden placed upon individual participants so that our team will be able to collectively participate in this program, regardless of each member’s financial situation.

The trip to Tampa will help prepare us for the upcoming spring club baseball season. This year’s trip is particularly important because our team has recently made the jump to Division 1 NCBA, which means we play some of the best club baseball teams in the country. In addition to preparing us for our season, it will help develop cohesion between our teammates, as we will be traveling, eating, lodging, and playing baseball together for a full week. We believe that younger players on the team will benefit most from this experience since it will allow them to feel comfortable with their new team.

Our team looks forward to representing Northeastern University in Tampa with our best athletic efforts and demonstrating the immense pride we have in our esteemed university. Thank you in advance for any contribution you can make to help us get there!

Our Goal

Our initial Catalyst goal is to raise $1,500. This money will cover the $85 per person cost for games, practices, and registration for the 2015 Spring Training Showcase and will help subsidize a portion of the housing costs for each of our 11 athletes during our time in Florida.

Thank you for your support!


About Northeastern University Club Baseball

Established in fall 2005, the Northeastern University Club Baseball team comprised of 17 individuals who love to play baseball. After years of continued success, the team now participates at the highest level of competition available for a club as part of the Division 1 National Club Baseball Association.

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