NASA Student Launch 2016

Video produced by the NU American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 2015.

We were accepted to this elite challenge in September 2015 to compete against other universities from around the nation. Our proposed design, NUSPACE, uniquely combines Scientific Payloads: Atmospheric Measurements and Controlled Descent Experiments. Our design features a launch vehicle which will jettison a multi-rotor aircraft at apogee that will autonomously control its descent and safely land at predesignated coordinates. This quadcopter payload will house an additonal payload adapted for the sensing and recording of atmospheric data including humidity, temperature, pressure, solar irradiance and solar radiation in the UVA and UVB range, plant density derived from Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), and optical thickness.

The competition includes design reviews throughout the Fall and Spring semesters where our team must submit the required documentation as well as present, via video conference, our progress to a panel of NASA engineers and safety experts. For the final week of the competition, teams must travel to Huntsville, Alabama for the final launch and design review. The final week also includes the final presentation of each project, launch day, as well as an awards banquet underneath the Saturn V.

AIAA at NU aims to stimulate student’s motivation to learn and prepare our student members for Northeastern University’s 6 month long co-op program with companies around the world by engaging our teams in a variety of realistic applications. These include 3D modeling and flight simulations through software such as SolidWorks and OpenRocket as well as proper safety techniques and handling procedures for tools in the machine shop and materials laboratory.

We strongly value encouraging interest and enthusiasm for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with the K-12 students of the Greater Boston Area and have done so at the Cambridge Science Festival 2015 as well as the NU Center for STEM Education. We have created interactive activities and lesson plans that focus on introducing students to the fundamentals of rocket stability by demonstrating Newton’s 3rd Law, center of gravity, and center of pressure.

Our Initial Goal

Our initial goal is to raise $1,000 via Catalyst. This money will be used for travel expenses to send our team of 20 undergraduate students to the competition in Huntsville, AL.

Our Stretch Goal = $2,000

Our stretch goal is to raise an additional $2,000 to be used to purchase equipment and support our team's living accomodations for the competition.

Thank You For Your Support!


About Northeastern University AIAA

AIAA at NU was founded in Boston, MA during the fall of 2012 by two students with a passion for aeronautics and astronautics. Their ultimate goal was to learn more about the fields by supplementing their classroom education with hands-on projects. Since its inception, the club has grown in size, knowledge, and aspirations.

Our mission is to continue to support an organization for self-motivated students who are enthusiastic about aeronautics and astronautics. Inherent to the group is the desire to learn, achieve, and advance in our studies. We strive for academic enrichment and hands-on learning, welcoming members of all backgrounds and skill levels.

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