Catalyst makes it easy to follow, connect with, and support the most innovative and inspiring student projects at Northeastern University.

Choose your favorite projects and give any amount, knowing that your money will go directly to funding the organizations most important to you.

With your support, the sky is the limit for what Northeastern students can achieve!

Get Involved

Learn how you can get involved, whether you're a student group submitting a project, or a donor willing to support one of these great projects.



Your support, when combined with that of many other alumni, family and friends, will help to bring these innovative student projects to life.

How it works?

GearBrowse Projects: Browse through the projects on the Catalyst website to see the broad range of exciting work being done by Northeastern students.

GearMake a Gift: Choose your favorites and click on the "Support" button to make your gift. Gifts can be made in any amount, starting at $1.

GearBe Acknowledged: Once a student project is funded, you will receive a special message directly from the student organizations that you have supported.

GearSee Results: Check back often to see your dollars in action. Updates on the projects you have supported will be posted on the project page on the Catalyst website.


Is my gift tax-deductible?
Yes, your gift is tax-deductible. Those who make a gift of over $5 will receive a receipt verifying that the gift has been deposited.

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What happens if a project does not hit its funding goal in the time allotted?
If a project does not hit its funding goal in the time allotted your valuable donation will be distributed into the Catalyst Student Aid Fund. This fund has been set up especially for the Catalyst program and directly benefits student organizations at the discretion of the Office of Alumni Relations and The Northeastern Fund.

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What is a stretch goal?
If a project reaches its initial goal before the Catalyst deadline, students can opt to post a stretch goal and donors may continue to make gifts for the remaining duration of their fundraiser. The stretch goal is a stated amount that will help bring their project from good to great. Since reaching the initial funding goal guarantees that the project can take place, all donations made beyond the initial goal will be distributed to the group to use directly towards their project, even if the stretch goal is not reached.  

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Once a successful fundraiser is complete, how do the groups receive the funds?
Once a fundraiser is complete and the group has met their goal, the Office of Alumni Relations and the Northeastern Fund will transfer the total amount collected directly into the student organization's university budget account. This will ensure that your donation will be used as intended.

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When will I be able to view updates from the groups I have supported?
The student groups will begin to post project updates within one month after the close of their Catalyst fundraiser. Visit often to browse success stories and explore new giving opportunities.

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Are there opportunities available to become more involved with these organizations, perhaps as a professional mentor or volunteer?
Different organizations have different opportunities for engagement. If you are interested in supporting any of these groups at a greater level please contact Bill Woodman at

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Let our network of over 207,000 Northeastern alumni and your friends and family help turn your ideas into reality!

How it works

GearSubmit an Application: You submit an application outlining your project idea and funding goal.

GearPost a Profile: If selected, we post your project profile to the Catalyst website and set the timer.

GearPromote Your Project: While we spread the word to alumni, you promote your project through your own networks to help drive donors to the site.

GearCollect Your Funds: When time runs out, if you have met your goal, your group receives the funds raised!

GearShare Your Success: You thank the donors, complete your project, and post updates on your progress.


How do we apply?
Submit an online application. Be sure to complete the entire application in order to be considered.

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How are projects chosen?
Applications are reviewed and selected by a committee of Northeastern staff and alumni volunteers. Projects are chosen based on their professionalism, innovative qualities, social impact, feasibility, and overall commitment to the Catalyst process.

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What types of projects qualify?
Projects, events, or activities featured on Catalyst must be completed within one year from the close of your fundraiser. If you have an on-going project that has defined completion stages, there may be the opportunity to apply for multiple Catalyst fundraisers.

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If selected, what do we have to do?
Catalyst is a unique opportunity to expose your efforts to thousands of potential donors, and because of this, the program is reserved for the most dedicated students. If selected, participants must partake in the following activities:

  1. Create a video or photo presentation to visually pitch your project to potential donors.
  2. Utilize your own networks to promote your project and drive donors to the site.
  3. Take part in the donor acknowledgement process by preparing a personal thank you correspondence to be sent to donors by the Office of Alumni Relations and The Northeastern Fund.
  4. Document your project through photos or video, providing monthly updates on your progress for your Catalyst project page.
  5. Take part in the Catalyst showcase networking event, which may require a short oral and visual presentation.

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What happens if we do not hit our initial goal?
We want to guarantee that the money contributed will result in a successful project and stress the importance of the educational experience gained from promoting your own project, therefore Catalyst is based on an all-or-nothing funding model. If you do not hit your initial goal in the time allotted you will not receive the funding for your project. Instead the money collected during your fundraiser will go into the Catalyst Student Fund, which is set up especially for the Catalyst program. This fund will directly support student organizations at the discretion of the Office of Alumni Relations and The Northeastern Fund.

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What happens if we hit our goal before the deadline?
If you reach your goal before your Catalyst deadline, you now have the option to continue raising funds for the duration of your allotted time. To do so, your group may post a stretch goal. The stretch goal is a stated amount that can be used to expand your project’s impact or add features that will bring your project from good to great. Once your initial goal is hit your group will retain all funds donated to your project, even is the stretch goal is not reached. All funds raised through Catalyst MUST be applied towards the stated project.

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If our fundraiser is successful, how do we receive our funds?
Once your fundraiser is complete, if you have reached your goal, The Office of Alumni Relations and The Northeastern Fund will transfer the money directly to your organization's university budget index. No money will be distributed to individuals. Your organization must have a university issued budget number in order to participate in Catalyst.

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Who is eligible?
All students currently enrolled and in good standing with the university are eligible to apply for a Catalyst fundraiser.

  1. Organizations must be officially recognized by the university
  2. Projects must be affiliated with the university through an approved organization, academic, or research program.
  3. All applicants must have a faculty or staff recommendation.

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