Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Networking & Career Exploration Programs

Career Fair Success Tips

Representatives from organizations attending the Fall or Spring Career Fairs will offer students advice on how to prepare for a fair and how to make the most of their experience at the event. Remember, it's important to prepare and make a great first impression with employers.  Attend this session to hear from recruiters on what you can do to ensure a successful event.


Find out what employers think of your resume.  This event is held prior to the Fall Career Fair and offers students a 15-minute appointment to meet with a representative from companies across all industries and hear what hiring managers and human resource professionals can offer to enhance your resume.

Career Conversations

Career Conversations is a weekly series where students can learn about career path options and meet professionals within their fields of interest.  Alumni and other professionals will discuss their experience and how they achieved success in their field. They will offer insight and advice on how to break into the industry and answer your questions.  These events are also recorded and broadcast on the Employer Engagement and Career Design YouTube Channel.

Senior Career Conference (SCC)

A series of programs designed to help prepare seniors for the reality of after graduation. This event will bring together the best of Employer Engagement and Career Design workshops, resources, and counseling that students enjoy throughout the year all in one day. Meet with employers for resume and cover letter reviews or job search advice, participate in networking activities, and attend workshops on a range of topics. Most sessions will run multiple times throughout the day so stop by when it works for your schedule.

Global Careers Forum

For U.S. and international students interested in working on international issues, whether in the U.S. or abroad. This informational event features professionals from government, non-profits, and private companies, discussing career paths and opportunities in their field and how you can prepare for a global career. Students will rotate tables every 20 minutes, come to all or part of this program. This is an educational event, not a job fair. Dress is business casual. Students are advised to research the organizations in advance and prepare questions.

Non-Profit Networking Night

Interested in learning what it’s like to work for a non-profit and want to make contacts in the field? Meet Northeastern alums and others working for incredible organizations — many of which are actively recruiting for volunteer, internship and full time jobs. You’ll choose an organization to meet with for a 20-minute question and answer session. At the end of the session, you’ll move to another table for a total of 4 sessions. If you can't make it for the full time you're welcome to come and go as you please.

Choosing or Changing Your Major

Did you know that 1/3 of college students enter college undeclared, and about 70% of students change majors at least once? Are you currently undeclared or questioning your major? This workshop will introduce you to the process of learning about both yourself and your options here to begin exploring the possibilities. Deciding on a major takes time and effort - sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start. Come to this workshop to orient yourself to the process or if you’ve already started, make sure you’re on the right track!

No Fear Networking for International Students

Is networking really important to my job search as an international student? The answer is YES! Referrals are the #1 way employers like to hire – and networking is key to gaining referrals. Learning how to network effectively is one of the most powerful tools you can use to advance your personal and professional life. During this workshop, you will learn and practice helpful tips on how to network and promote yourself. It’s time to put your networking fears to rest and get in the game!

Networking Know-How:  Alumni & Employers Share Stories

It’s never too early, or too late, to begin building your career connections.  Freshmen through seniors, as well as alumni, are invited to this special event.  Northeastern alumni and employers will share stories about how developing and maintaining their connections helped them with their careers and beyond.  Our panelists include experienced professionals as well as a recent graduates.

Network for Change: Cultivating Professional Networks in the Field of Social Impact

If you want to change the world, you need a network to help you do it.

This workshop will explore how to create a professional network of contacts in the world of social and environmental change. You will learn how to:

1. Identify the organizations that are doing the work you want to do

2. Build relationships with the people at those organizations

3. Cultivate those relationships to:

  • Develop professional expertise
  • Favorably position yourself to land internships and job opportunities that help change the world and match your passion

Workshops for Graduate Students

MBTI for Grad Students

Have you ever wondered how your personality type affects how you communicate, make decisions or work as a member of a team? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is commonly used to assist people with career choice, is also designed to provide you with a framework for understanding and building on your personal strengths.

Mind Mapping:  An Organizational Tool for Graduate Students

Mind mapping is a graphic tool that makes use of how our brains naturally work, visually and by association. A Mind Map is an individual, personalized map, ideally suited to preparing presentations, taking meeting and lecture notes, processing text books and specialist texts and creating to-do lists. In this workshop we’ll introduce you to mind maps, how to create them, why they work, some of their uses and give you some time to start a map of your own. Bring your to do list or other small project that you’d like to organize.

Decoding the Presidential Management Fellowship

The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program for graduate students is frequently cited as a highly prestigious program in the federal government. This webinar teaches students how to submit a strong application, explains recent changes to the program, and provides insight into what happens after your application is submitted. You will hear from new fellows, as well as PMF recruiters from various agencies.  This is an opportunity to learn tips and strategies on the application process.

Delivering Effective Presentations

Do you have to present your research at a conference, or within your department? This workshop will help you to plan, organize and deliver an effective presentation.

Writing a CV

A CV, or curriculum vitae is a specific type of resume used to apply for university teaching and research positions. This workshop will cover the differences between a CV and a resume as well as the basics of writing an effective CV.


LinkedIn 101

You’re on Facebook, but are you on LinkedIn? This workshop is for beginners to LinkedIn and will guide you through the process of setting up a profile, and learning how to use it to effectively network for internships and other career related information and leads.

LinkedIn for Networking

You’re on Facebook, but are you on LinkedIn? Perhaps you are but haven’t really done much yet. Join us to learn how to use the broad reach of LinkedIn to effectively network for jobs, internships, or other career related information and leads.

Small Group Job Search

This small group workshop is the first step to starting your job search. In this strategy session we’ll include, but go beyond traditional job search methods, to also focus on online and in-person networking and using social media sites such as LinkedIn. Registration is required.

International Small Group Job Search

This is a customized small group workshop for international students in starting your job search. In this strategy session we’ll include, but go beyond traditional job search methods, to also focus on online and in-person networking and using social media sites such as LinkedIn. Registration is required.

On-Campus Recruiting Workshop

These sessions are great for graduating seniors to understand the full picture of On-Campus Interviewing and the many ways Employer Engagement and Career Design partners with employers to produce engagement opportunities.