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Wednesday, January 16th 2019

  • Career Videos

    Career Development: Student Perspectives

    Throughout your time at Northeastern you will have the opportunity to explore different interests, identify potential career options, and make informed career decisions. The staff in Career Development is dedicated to helping guide and provide you the tools and resources you will need to help achieve your goals.  Take a moment and watch our video titled Student Perspectives and hear how students engaged with our department from attending LinkedIn workshops, getting career and job search advice from a career advisor to networking with employers on campus. Together we can help you succeed!

  • Career Videos

    Careers in Product Development, Design, Marketing or Management

    Interested in a career related to Product Development, Design, Marketing, or Management? Careers in these areas span a wide range of industries, so whether you’re in Art & Design, Business or Engineering there may be a career path for you.

    Panelists Include:

    Michael Stark, ’92 BSEE; ’96 MSEE in signal processing
    Bose Corporation
    Focus Areas: Product Development and Product Design
    Audio Systems Engineer

    George Plourde, ’87 Computer Science
    Foliage (Developing Products with a difference)
    Focus Areas: Product Design/Development with respect to Software
    Senior Principal Software Engineer

    Marisa Smith, ‘05 Communications
    Focus Areas: Product Management, Product Development
    Footwear Developer-Studio, Dance, & Yoga

    Lesley Mottla, DMSB MBA
    Focus Areas: Product Marketing, Product Management, Product Design
    Executive Vice President, Global Product & Member Experience
    (Background at Microsoft, Groove, Paint a Plate Studios, Indigo HP, and Echelon Consulting)

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    Careers in Corporate Communications

    Communications jobs exist in every industry and company, not just with “agencies”. Professionals working in corporate communications help create and manage a company’s internal and external communications, including messaging to its employees, customers and the general public.

    Panelists Include

    Sarah Bergeron  '08, Corporate Communications Specialist, Kaspersky Lab
    Jennifer Matthews '08, Public Relations Specialist, Zipcar
    Lucy Properzio '10, Communications Specialist, Raytheon
    Shay Zukowski '10, Internal Communications Specialist, Genzyme

  • Career Videos

    Building an International Career

    Learn from a panel of employers about what other students have done to gain international employment, and what you can do to maximize your chances of working abroad in the short or long term. Panelists include:

    Emily Turner '10, Root Capital
    Barry Coghlan '89, Schneider Electric
    Jeff Dorigan, State Street
    Linda Cheatham, U.S. State Department