On-Campus Recruiting Guidelines

On-Campus Recruiting – OCR – is a program especially for graduating students.  In OCR, companies post full-time, after-graduation positions on NUcareers  in the fall and in the spring, for positions which begin after graduation.

On-Campus Recruiting is a formal program with guidelines students must adhere to in order to remain eligible to participate. These guidelines help Northeastern's Department of Career Development maintain positive relationships with employers so they will continue to return to our campus and recruit students in the future. The guidelines also reflect interview and job search etiquette students need to know and follow for off-campus job searches. Failure to follow guidelines may mean suspension from using NUcareers in the job search and access to career counseling with Northeastern's Career Development.

Employers participating in the On-Campus Recruiting program have a particular interest in Northeastern students and use this program to seek out and hire outstanding students in their graduating year.  The program usually attracts the greatest numbers of employers in the fields of business, engineering and computer science, though there are employers seeking the “right” students, across all majors.

The Department of Career Development's OCR program is open to all undergraduate seniors and to all graduate students completing their degrees, with the exception of MBA and law students, who participate in their own schools’ OCR programs.

Every interview students have on campus is a chance to show the best that Northeastern has to offer – bright, enthusiastic students who are in an excellent position to contribute from their first day in a new organization.  Make the most of on-campus interview opportunities.

Students Studying Abroad / Working On Co-op

Students are encouraged to apply for jobs even if they are studying abroad or on co-op during the academic year.  Any student invited to participate in an on-campus interview should contact  the Department of Career Development and we will work with the employer to facilitate an alternate means of interviewing, either by phone or Skype.

Accuracy of Information

All information you submit to Career Development or directly to an employer must be accurate.  In addition to concerns of ethics and integrity, many employers verify information submitted by candidates for employment.  Discrepancies in information have resulted in the withdrawal of job offers, as well as termination of employees already on payroll, following the discovery of a discrepancy.

Any situation of falsified information on your resume, cover letter, NUcareers profile, employer application, or other job candidate documentation may result in dismissal from On-Campus Recruiting, as well as revocation of privileges to use Career Development resources and NUcareers.

Interview Cancellation

On-campus interviewing is a privilege provided to each candidate.  Each candidate is expected to attend all scheduled interviews.  Cancellations are prohibited without sufficient notice provided to both the employer and Career Development.  If extenuating circumstances result in canceling an interview, a minimum 24 hour notice is required.  Cancellations must be addressed in writing (via email) to the employer, addressing why you had to cancel the interview, AND you must cc: Career Development, careers@neu.edu.

Late Arrival to Interviews

If a candidate is late for an interview, it will be at the discretion of the employer as to whether the interview will still be conducted.  Candidates should plan to arrive at the Career Development offices; located in Stearns at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled interview time.

No Show

Failure to honor an interview appointment is considered by all parties to be a serious breach of courtesy and ethics.  A letter of apology including an explanation of why you missed the interview must be submitted to the employer, within 24 hours, AND you must copy Career Development, careers@neu.edu.  A determination will be made by the Department of Career Development as to whether you will be eligible to continue in future recruiting programs.

Reneging on a Job Offer

When a student accepts a job offer from an employer, either verbally or in writing, that is considered an agreement between both parties.   Reneging on a job offer is considered a breach of contract, which also affects the university’s relationship with the employer and can put in jeopardy not only after-graduation hiring, but co-op opportunities as well.

If an employer reports that a candidate has reneged on a job offer, the candidate will be subject to the following actions:

  • Immediately dismissed from On-Campus Recruiting
  • Career Development will email the dean of that student’s school, informing the dean of the matter
  • Student will be suspended from using Career Development services and the use of NUcareers

Do NOT accept a job offer if you intend to continue interviewing.  When you accept a job offer, you are agreeing to work for that specific organization.   If you receive an offer and are NOT ready to accept it, you may speak with a member of Career Development to review options and devise a plan to address the situation.  The counseling staff is trained to handle these matters, so take advantage of their experience and expertise.