nuCAUSE Careers

nuCAUSE (Creating Awareness and Understanding of Social Engagement Careers) is a Employer Engagement and Career Design initiative designed to help you learn about social change careers in the non-profit, private and government sectors.  Through programs that convene students, faculty, staff, employers and community organizations, nuCAUSE Careers provides information, resources, and connections to help you find work that is personally meaningful and that contributes to the common good.

nuCAUSE Careers Calendar (dates to be determined):

  • MERC Education Fair- is an annual premier recruiting event dedicated to facilitating the hiring process in education and related fields. This partnership between higher education and school personnel from across the country produces one of the finest annual recruiting events of its kind.

  • Career Conversations - panels of alumni in various social impact fields including engineering, public health, the arts, international development, business and the federal government speak about their work and how to begin a career in these areas.
  • Call to Serve - seeks to inspire students to a career in public service by offering educational programs, a speaker series, and other information about career opportunities with the federal government
  • Employer-in-Residence: Peace Corps - Meet the recruiter to learn more about the Peace Corps and career opportunities
  • Community Service Outreach Project

nuCAUSE Fall Semester Calendar of Events & Programs:

*Careers in Neuroscience and Psychology 

*Careers for Social Impact

*Life Science Careers Forum

*Husky Treks - Summer Adventure, Jack Morton Agency, Friday, July 29

*Careers in Law

*Fellowship Fair

* Dates to be updated once place and time are confirmed

Public Interest Careers Resources:


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