Law School Application

Junior Year
  1. Register with LSAC and LSDAS through the LSAC (through the LSAC site)
  2. Prepare for LSAT (e.g., practice tests, prep course, self-study.
  3. Plan to take LSAT in June - register by early May.
  1. Send transcript to LSDAS.
  2. Decide on competitive, safety and long-shot schools to which you will apply.
  3. Consider who might write your letters of recommendation.
  4. Draft your personal statement.
  5. Update resume.
  6. If possible, visit law schools that interest you.
Senior Year
September - November : Getting Ready
  1. Talk to your references about your interests and choices so they can write a letter tailored to your strengths.
  2. Take or retake the LSAT in the Fall if necessary - register by late August.
  3. In early October, the Law School Admissions Council sponsors the
    Boston Law School Forum where admissions officers from more than 100 law
    schools are available to speak with you. Visit the Boston Law School
    Forum website for more information.
October 15 through December 15
  1. Secure application materials when they become available. You can obtain
    them directly from law schools or use LSAC on-line application process.
  2. Dean's Certification letter: contact your department or dean's office within your college for how to obtain a letter.
  3. Apply to law schools.
January 15
  1. Send transcript with fall grades directly to law schools.
April 1
  1. Visit schools to which you have been admitted and send a deposit to one school only.
  2. Update the schools at which you have been waitlisted on your latest GPA, honors, extracurricular activities, etc.