Resumes have one humble but important job: to open a door and get you an interview.

To create a draft resume access our Resume Guide. Bring your draft to drop-in Hours, for brief resume critiques every weekday, 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. in 101 Stearns. Longer appointments are available if you need more help.

First Resumes

In first resumes, include your college and your high school, and any work or other experience that you have had that will allow a potential internship or other employer to form a sense of your skills.

After Graduation Resumes vs. Co-op or Other Undergraduate Resumes

Your after-graduation resume should be different from your coop resume.

It should target specific jobs and summarize past job accomplishments and results with both qualitative and quantitative statements.

Sample Resumes

Use these samples to select a format that will showcase your background and skills in the clearest and most effective way. These are not intended to be used as templates.

First Year Student

Graduating Senior

Graduate Student

PhD to Industry

Additional Sample Resumes



Computer Science

Graphic Design



Resumes for International Students and American Students who want to work overseas

International students need to develop an American style resume to work in the U.S., just as American students need to adapt their resumes to work overseas. For more ideas and sample resumes see Going Global which you can access on the homepage of NUcareers. If you are an international Ph.D student you should make an appointment for resume review.

What is a CV?

A curriculum vitae, or CV, is a resume used to apply for academic teaching or research positions.  In countries outside the U.S. it is common to hear the term CV instead of resume.  Each country has different expectations for what is required in a CV so it is important to research the country specifically.

Like a resume, your CV will summarize your education, experience and accomplishments targeted to a specific job.  Academic CV’s differ from resumes in the additional material they include and their focus on research and teaching; international CV’s  often include more personal information and greater detail than American resumes.

To find out more about the Curriculum Vitae click here