On-Campus Recruiting


What is On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)?

On-Campus Recruiting is a formal program where employers have a high-level of interest in Northeastern students and utilize the OCR program to seek out and hire talented students in their graduating year.  The program attracts employers in the fields of business, engineering, and computer science, but often times, there are employers looking to meet with students across all majors if they  have the right skill-set and passion for that industry.

Employer Engagement and Career Design's OCR program is open to all undergraduate seniors and to all graduate students completing their degrees, with the exception of MBA and law students, who participate in their own schools’ OCR programs.

Every interview students have on campus is a chance to showcase students enthusiasm, talents and who can highlight why they are an excellent choice to contribute from their first day in a new organization.

What is the Process ?

  • Search NUcareers for jobs with upcoming on-campus interviews (OCR)
  • Apply for positions online, once you’ve posted a resume on NUcareers
  • Employers select candidates they want to interview and invite them by email to sign up for on-campus interviews
  • Interviews are held in Stearns. Prepare as carefully as you would for any interview. These interviews are usually 30 minutes. Dress is professional business attire.
  • Read the OCR Guidelines. If you don’t abide by the rules, you may be excluded from On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) opportunities and potentially the services of Career Development

Why Look At OCR In The Fall?

  • Fall is the prime time for the majority of organizations that want to find the best students. Start looking on NUcareers in September until you find your job.
  • DO NOT ASSUME you have seen everything if you take one quick look and don't come back. Opportunities are posted daily so there is always something new to investigate