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Games have grown to become an inextricable part of our culture, with game design experiencing explosive growth into a multi-billion dollar industry. Through the medium of games, people express themselves, engage socially with others, and creatively explore problems in a way that nurtures learning and critical thinking.

No longer solely a proprietor of entertainment, games now are used for serious applications such as training, education, and healthcare, thereby putting games at the forefront of having a real social impact by delivering experiences for cultural and societal benefit.

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Game Design

Job Titles

Academic Researcher in HCI, Computer Science, and Game Design Game User Experience Researcher
Game Designer Graphic Designer
Game/Interactive Media User Researcher Indie Game Developer/Entrepreneur
Game Producer Interaction Designer
Game Programmer Usability Engineer
Game Software Engineer User Experience Designer
Game Tester Traditional Creative Disciplines: Artist, Designer, Software Engineer, Tester

Positions that may require additional education, training or licensing are indicated by an (*). Job qualifications are based not only on degree program, but on skills and experience. Students should seek out as many experiential opportunities in their fields of interests as possible, including co-op and internships


This is a limited sample of employers who have posted jobs on NUcareers; please note, that they may not currently have positions posted.


Allegiance, Inc. Multivision
Disney Interactive Media Group nuSOCKET


This is a sample of the industries that often hire this major.

Advertising Firms Higher Education
Design Firms Medical Imaging Companies
Film Companies Production Studios
Freelance Publishing Companies


These samples titles can be used to research internship opportunities.

  • Advertising Intern
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Technology Intern – Eduventures Inc.

Use NUcareers,,, or other internship sites to search for openings. 



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