Communication Studies


Communication is a diverse discipline and each department is unique. At Northeastern, the Communication Studies curriculum was created to achieve three distinct objectives.

All majors should be able to:

  • communicate effectively, responsibly, and ethically as local, national, international, and global citizens and leaders;
  • explain the major paradigms, theories, and conceptual frameworks for understanding human communication and be capable of applying this knowledge to solve contemporary problems;
  • analyze and evaluate published research, and design and conduct communication research studies using quantitative social science, interpretive, or critical methods.

Job Titles

Advertising Manager* Photojournalist
College Admissions Counselor* Post Production Editor
Consumer Advocate Production Assistant
Copywriter Promoter
Corporate Trainer Proofreader
Editorial Assistant Public Relations Specialist
Event Planner Publisher
Fundraiser Radio/TV Announcer
Labor Relations Specialist Researcher
Legislative Aide Sales Representative
Management Analyst* Script Writer
Market Research Analyst Sound Engineer
Media  Manager* Sportscaster
Narrator Technical Writer
News Writer


Positions that may require additional education, training or licensing are indicated by an (*). Job qualifications are based not only on degree program, but on skills and experience. Students should seek out as many experiential opportunities in their fields of interests as possible, including co-op and internships.


This is a limited sample of employers who have posted jobs on NUcareers; please note, that they may not currently have positions posted.

Bain & Company, Inc. Putman Investments
Dancing Deer Baking Company Richard Lewis Media Group
New Balance Athletic Shoe Ruder Finn




This is a sample of the industries that often hire this major.

Ad Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations   Higher Education
Healthcare   Government (Local, State, Federal)


These samples titles can be used to research internship opportunities.

  • Communication Intern
  • Copywriting/PR Intern
  • General Publishing Intern
  • Marketing Intern
  • Public Relations Intern
  • Social Media Intern

Use NUcareers,,, or other internship sites to search for openings. 



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