Deloitte Insight Studio

Sep 27, 2017 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM in Hayden 322

Delottie’s Insight Studio will be on campus on 9/27 for an information session from 6-7 pm in Hayden Hall, room 322. Register to attend via NUcareers!

As part of the Strategy and Operations practice under Deloitte Consulting LLP, the Insight Studio team serves as a global center of excellence for data analytics and visualization.

Targeted student levels: undergraduate and masters; Graduating year: December 2017 – June 2018; College major Preferred:  Computer science, analytics, information systems, data science, information design and visualization, engineering, physics; Currently not planning to hire candidates on OPT and CPT.

For more information go to NUcareers and review the job postings: 1831291 Data Scientist, 1831294 Web Application Developer, 1831296 Designer.

Directions for registering via NUcareers: Log in. On left side of home page, click on Career Development, then Upcoming Events/Workshops. Find event on calendar, click on it, click on Register for this Event, on right hand side, and enter required information. Call 617-373-6548 with any questions.

Company Profile

The Insight Studio brings the best of Deloitte Consulting’s analytics assets, solutions, and talent into one easy to engage creative environment to jumpstart analytics efforts and rapidly deliver impacts that build our clients’ analytics maturity. The Insight Studio can help grow a client’s analytics maturity whether our clients are just starting to explore the possibilities of analytics efforts, beginning to develop customizable solutions for certain divisions, or scaling capabilities enterprise-wide. Our product offerings fit together and complement one another to provide clients a pathway towards becoming an Insight Driven Organization.