Career Fairs


The Employer Career Fair 2016 Brochure provides an example of employers who participated in the October 2016 Career Fair!

Our Career Fairs provide the ideal venue to build and maintain your brand on our campus. The fairs also allow you to network with students who are exploring full-time, co-op or internship opportunities. To make the most of our Career Fairs, check out these helpful tips.

Traditionally, the fall and spring fairs have drawn over 5,000 students and alumni from all majors, as well as 500 employers, including government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Additional details:

                  Fall and Spring Career Fair  -  The Fall fair is typically held in early October and the spring fair is early February. Both Fairs take place from 12 PM - 4 PM, Cabot Gym & Solomon Court. Students are required to bring their NU ID.

For more information on Career Fairs contact, Jim Boyle, Director, Employer Relations, ( 617) 373-3772.

                  On Fire to Hire Startup Expo - typically held in mid-October, from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm in the Curry Student Center Ballroom.

The On Fire to Hire Startup Expo is a university-wide networking event targeting undergraduate and graduate students for co-op positions - all majors/concentrations are welcome - and graduating students and alumni for full-time positions. 
We hope to have a diverse group of startups participating so that relevant opportunities for current and students and alumni are available in the arts, engineering, tech, science, social science, and business.

For more information regarding the Expo, contact, Esther Chewning, Associate Cooperative Education Faculty, Entrepreneurship & Management, ( 617) 373-7465.