“What’s Career Services? Is that like co-op?”

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Wait, what's career services?  source: verydemotivational.com

“Wait, what’s career services?  Is that like co-op?”
 source: verydemotivational.com

If you’re on this page and wondering where you are and how you got here, welcome to The Works, also known as the Northeastern University Career Services blog.  As a Career Advisor and the main contributor to this blog I hope to provide some insight and humor into material that can be perceived by students as dry, intimidating, boring, or all of the above. As a double Husky (yes, I’ve gone here twice), I understand what a Middler is and have had to explain co-op in great detail to distant relatives numerous times, so yes, I think I get it.

To answer the question: no we are not co-op, but work directly with co-op to help connect students with employers and grow professionally.  Ranked #2 by Princeton Review for University Career Services nationwide, we can help you build your career success, but not without a little work of course. Career Services serves all students (frosh through Ph.D candidates and alums) to help them determine majors, define skills, write those daunting cover letters, resumes and personal statements and explore career/major options (among many other things). Anything career related, we cover that.

"Help! I need a job!"

“Help! I need a job!”      source: Tumblr

We host events and workshops that serve students across all disciplines.  A few of these include Career Fair, nuCAUSE, Career Conversations, Small Group Job Search, LinkedIn for Networking, and Matching Skills to Majors.  We have walk-in hours (M-F 1:30-3:30) where you can drop in and meet with a counselor for 15 minutes and sometimes an employer (check out our Employer in Residence program).  We also see students one-on-one for hour long consultations if you’re looking for a more personal touch.  To learn more, feel free to check out our main page www.northeastern.edu/careerservices, to see our calendar and peruse other resources.

Check out The Works every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for info on upcoming events, overall career advice, student perspectives and success stories, employer insight and, all things career related.  I look forward to comments and suggestions on different topics and posts. I do reserve the right to monitor this so don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your Nana to see.

Kelly Scott is a Career Advisor at Northeastern University and social media enthusiast.  A proud Gen Y, she enjoys writing about workplace culture and personal online branding. For more career insight, follow/tweet her at @kellydscott4.   


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