Beyond the Green Line: Philadelphia, PA

BEYOND THE GREEN LINE is a blog series featured on the Northeastern University Career Development Blog, ‘The Works.’ Each post highlights a major city and gives you an inside look at the local food, culture, music scene, the industries that are thriving there, and some current job openings in the area.’

This post authored by Career Development Contractor, Melissa Glaser Rubin and third year Northeastern student, Molly Osmulski.

Did you know that 12 of the 2016 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the Philadelphia metro area? These include some household names like Comcast and Aramark, as well as some newcomers like Navient.

The City of Brotherly Love is also the eighth largest job market in nation. It has a fast-growing biomedical and pharmaceutical industries with many 14 major pharmaceutical and biotech firms to the area. The other main industries in Philadelphia include telecommunications, financial services, publishing and tourism.

Though filled with fun and culture and not far from NYC, Philly is still relatively affordable. For this reason, the city has seen an increase in its millennial population. According to, “millennials – those aged 19 to 34 – now make up 46 percent of the downtown core population.”

There are over 2,400 Northeastern Alumni working in Philadelphia according to LInkedIn. In the past year, over 25 students have enjoyed a co-op position in the city.

Amina Ly, an Environmental Science major who co-oped as a Catastrophe Modeling Services Assistant at Marsh & Mclennan Companies thoroughly enjoyed her time in Philly and sings its praises:
“Living right in the center of downtown Philly, I got the opportunity to experience the historic and diverse city from right outside my doorstep. Before I arrived I had no idea how many cultural events the city had to offer. Every weekend I was guaranteed to run across a festival or organized event. I also consider myself an avid foodie, and the restaurants around the city never disappointed! Months later, I still talk about the wonderful food scene and the spectacular city atmosphere. It’s was definitely an easy city to fall in love with, and I would go back in a heartbeat.”

Curious for more?

Food and Drink:
Treat yourself to several Philly cheesesteaks and decide for yourself which is the best
Eat a Philly-style soft pretzels
NYC has the cronut, but Philly has the Donnoli – part donut, part cannoli
If you’ve never been to a Wawa, you have to go
The “Philly special” – a shot of Jim Beam and a can of PBR

Visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
See a show at the Mann Center
Explore the many museums – including one dedicated to pizza
Go to Philly’s Annual Beer Week or stroll the “Philly Beer Trail” any time of the year
Go to the annual 2-day Made in America music festival

Get scared at Eastern State Penitentiary
Visit the Night Market or the Reading Terminal Market
Cheer on the Eagles, 76ers, Phillies and Flyers
Explore 3,600 acres of trails, history and nature at Valley Forge Park
Take some awesome pictures at the Magic Gardens

Job Opportunities – log into NUcareers to apply!

Aria Health 1820531 – Business Analyst – Population Health

1820526 – Process Analytical Tools (PAT) Specialist Job
1820528 – Manager, Operations Job
1820529 – Specialist, Engineering
1820530 – Specialist, Engineering – Technical Operations, Laboratory Job
1819780 Sourcing Analyst
1819775 Network Analyst


1820542 – Video Project Manager
1820544 – Account Executive
1819796 Digital Strategist
1819791 Senior Designer

Independence BlueCross
1820522 – Associate Systems Analyst
1819801 Operations Analyst

SEI Investments
1820538 – Supervisor, SMA Portfolio Accounting
1820536 – Compliance Analyst: Anti-Money Laundering and Privacy Group
1820535 – Service Excellence Administrator
1820533 – Middle Office Operations Processing Analyst III
1820532 – Operations Analyst, Inst Private Client (Implementation Services)

Urban Outfitters
1820183 Print Production Designer
1820180 Network Engineer Security
1820175 Graphic Design Assistant

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
1820131  Public Relations and Social Media Senior Associate

IMA Consulting
1819768  Healthcare Analyst

American Heritage Federal Credit Union
1819758 Member Relations Specialist
1819757 Business Development Representative

1819749  Analyst III – Generics

Susquehanna International Group, Llp.
1812399 Operations Analyst Program
1811947 Operations Analyst Internship

Additonal Companies:
Dell Boomi
American Airlines
Philadelphia 76ers

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This post was authored by Molly Osmulski, a third year Northeastern student. Molly is working toward a degree in Marketing with a minor in International Affairs. She is currently co-oping at Sanofi Genzyme and has previously completed a co-op at Travel + Leisure Magazine in NYC. She has also studied abroad at the London School of Economics and loves travelling, thrift shopping and trying new foods. You can contact her at


5 Alums, 5 Years Later: Charles Leach

Class of 2010_Charles Leach

I am one of those people whose life is dictated by a well-organized calendar, complete with color codes and a series of notifications – if only I was the one maintaining the calendar.  I was the last class to graduate from the College of Criminal Justice August 2010. Shortly thereafter, I commissioned as a Marine Corps Officer, got engaged, and went off on a 4 year life changing adventure in the Marine Corps.  My intention was to depart the military, utilizing my co-op connections and proud service and apply for a position in a federal agency.  But my calendar notifications said otherwise.  With a child on the way, I was done moving around, working weekends, being away all week, or far away for 8 months at a time. I decided to depart the Marine Corps, move back home (North Shore area) and began a soul searching endeavor for a job – no, a profession, in which I could obtain the same emotional gratification that comes with service to one’s country.  As a lifelong people-person, I discovered I have a passion for sales, and have found a profession I love at a leading cybersecurity company. I also have decided to stay in the USMC Reserve to balance out the moral scale. If you have graduation in your sights, keep this in mind:

Have a plan and tenaciously pursue it – then change the plan when necessary. You can’t fake passion. You can get by having a work ethic, trying really hard, showing up early, staying late because it’s the right thing to do, but if you aren’t passionate about what you find yourself doing, move on.  It’s like a bad relationship. If you’re at the suitor stage, and you’re not going to marry this person, why waste each other’s time?

Short-term, mid-term, and long term goals are no joke, write them down – a recent manager of mine would refer to these as dreams and not goals.  Dream and keep dreaming because success stories are built upon people’s crazy ideas.

Be mindful of how you appear on social media and the interwebs – the old adage don’t put it online if you wouldn’t want it on the front page of the Boston Globe holds true.

Spend money and live life like your grandparents (if they were thrifty) – if you pack a lunch and make your own coffee in the morning and then go out on the weekend and blow a hundred bucks on 8 dollar beers, well that just doesn’t make sense – stop doing that.

I will close with a valuable lesson that has continually been reinforced for me recently.  You know better what’s for you than anyone else.  The idea of needing an adult’s opinion; well that’s you now.  No one really knows the magic formula and if they say they do, they are just pretending to know all the answers. Just google it and come up with your own way. If you don’t like what you are doing in life, just change it.

And remember, if you don’t like the job you’ll get soon, you can always go back to Northeastern for a Masters!

Charles Leach currently works at Bit9 + Carbon Black in Waltham, MA and lives with his family in the North Shore. He is open to and would welcome any networking conversation or casual chat.  Feel free to reach out to him via Linkedin or

5 Alums, 5 Years Later: Mike Adamson

Class of 2010

It’s hard to imagine I stepped onto Northeastern’s campus almost 10 years ago to begin my freshman year. And now I’m 5 years removed from a place where I learned a lot inside and outside of the classroom, it all moves very fast. Since leaving Northeastern I’ve worked for two different companies, lived back home and in the city, been able to travel, and have kept myself relatively busy and active. I currently work as a Campus Recruiter where I’m able to travel back to college campuses and brand and recruit for a company I enjoy working for and am interested in. I’ve met a lot of students in this role and as oblivious as I was about post-collegiate life, it’s somewhat relieving to know that a lot of other students were, and still are, in the same boat. It is a big adjustment, but it’s an exciting and completely different experience that needs to be approached with an open mind.

After I graduated, I rejoined a previous co-op employer of mine. It was a great decision and because of my previous experience with them I was thrown a lot of responsibility right away. I was also living with friends that I grew up with from home in the Boston area. None of us went to college together but we stayed in touch, it was an easy fit and a great living situation. Both my work life and my social life were comfortable right after graduation, now that I think about that, it made the transition into the “real world” all the smoother. I didn’t realize it at the time, but maintaining those relationships with previous co-workers and friends got my post collegiate life kicked off in the right direction. Over the course of the last 5 years maintaining those contacts and relationships has been more challenging given the hectic work-life balancing act. But whether it is for my professional or personal life it has always proved to be worth the effort.

Work-life balance is important, but what work-life balance means to me might not mean the same to you. I work in a role where there are very busy, hectic times of the year but I enjoy the planning, travel, execution, and impact of my work. This is the same for most jobs, there will always be ebbs and flows to your workload, so be flexible with your idea of work-life balance. The times where I have been the busiest have also been the most fun. So while I may be working longer I don’t feel as if I’m making an exception. The days never feel as long or draining as they may appear because I’m engaged and enjoy the people I work with. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are times where things are slow, and I need to create work, which is great, or I’m able to catch up on responsibilities in my personal life. You won’t know what your ideal work-life balance is until you start working, and not every company and job will offer what you’re looking for. So be flexible and allow time for adjustments.

The last 5 years have also flown by because I’ve been willing to try new things. Whether it’s traveling, joining a club/team, changing up my routine, taking on a new project, or just taking myself out of my comfort zone it’s all kept my life interesting. This is probably very similar to a college experience where you are dumped into this new place with unfamiliar faces and environments you need to learn and navigate . It’s a different type of learning in post-collegiate life but being willing to say yes and continue exploring and learning has created a very fulfilling experience for me so far. I do find there are times where I’m spread a little thin or the day-to-day feels stagnant, but being cognizant of the fact that it’s my decision to change my routine, and being willing to do so, has made the last 5 years a great experience.

Mike Adamson is a Campus Recruiter with Vistaprint(Cimpress) and is a 2010 graduate of Northeastern. He majored in Psychology with a Business Admin. minor and played on the club lacrosse team. Feel free to contact Mike at