Aerial View of Northeastern University

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The idea of having an aerial perspective has always thrilled me. I think it opens up an entirely new dimension in filming. The excitement of being able to see and capture the world from a whole new level drove me to buy a drone for aerial photography. I am glad I was able to get one after coming to the U.S. because my favorite pastime has become exploring new places and taking trips to fly my drone while capturing the beauty of Mother Nature. I also share all of my work on my Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Nestled in the heart of the city the Northeastern University campus always gave me an aura of life and energy with the students hustling through the campus sipping coffee and the ever-busy buildings. It has always been a very competitive and enthusiastic environment for me. Being a proud Northeastern student, the idea of capturing aerial views of the university excited me. I am glad that the video gathered some attention and was shared on multiple Facebook pages. Drones have become a very delicate issue and I was very cautious to avoid flying over crowds of people or even at peak times. Though I could not seek official permission from the university, I got an unofficial nod from NUPD with some restrictions. I filmed mostly early in the morning to avoid unnecessary attention. From buildings to art inside the campus, I tried my best to capture every detail which reminisced the “Northeastern experience.” To view the video click here.

The idea was to make a video to show my friends and family. Had I known that this video would get thousands of views I would have made sure to go the extra mile for getting the output more “presentable” and professional looking, but the entire experience was very fulfilling. While I am still an amateur in making videos and editing my passion drives me to learn and continue to be creative. I’ve always been an admirer of the beauty of Boston and  I plan to make more captivating videos capturing it’s beauty to share with my audiences.

Currently, Himanshu Chintalapudi is a graduate student majoring in Bioinformatics from College of Sciences at Northeastern University and will be graduating in 2018. He can be reached on the following:

Instagram: himanshu_34 (



Beyond the Green Line: Denver, CO

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Beyond the Green Line: Denver, CO

BEYOND THE GREEN LINE is a blog series featured on the Northeastern University Career Development Blog, ‘The Works.’  Each post highlights a major city and gives you an inside look at the local food, culture, music scene, the industries that are thriving there, and some current job openings in the area.’

Denver is a wonderful place to live, earning the #1 ranking in U.S. News and World Report’s 2016 Best Places to Live.  Denver’s proximity to outdoor recreation, a progressive mind-set and its walkability were all cited as factors.  The city offers a strong economy for those pursuing work there.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 32,000 firms have set up shop in Denver in the past 4 years alone, perhaps a reason Denver is listed #1 on Forbes’ list of “The Best Places for Business and Careers”.  Ten Fortune 500 companies call Colorado home.  In Denver itself, Davita Healthcare is part of the Fortune 500 grouping and the Chipotle headquarters are just below that status.  

The Denver Relocation Guide notes:  

Due to its proximity to the mineral-rich Rocky Mountains, Denver has long been a home for mining and energy companies such as EnCana, Halliburton, Smith International, Newmont Mining and Noble Energy. Denver’s west-central location within the United States makes communication with both North American coasts, South America, Europe and Asia possible and benefits telecommunications industries including Quest Communications, Dish Network Corporation, Starz-Encore, DirecTV and Comcast.  The Denver area is also the home of several national chain restaurants; such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard, Noodles and Company, Qdoba Mexican Grill, Quizno’s and Smashburger; all of which were founded in Denver. Because of Denver’s almost-equal distance from Midwest cities (such as St. Louis and Chicago) and West Coast cities (such as San Diego and Los Angeles), Denver is also a storage and distribution hub for the country.

Northeastern students and alumni will appreciate the relatively young population of the area.  According the the Wall Street Journal, millennials are flocking to Denver, but the main reason “isn’t the nearby ski slopes, microbreweries or urban hiking trails… It’s the jobs.  The Northeastern Denver Alumni Chapter was established in 2012 and has been growing since. There are over 1,200 Huskies in Denver who can help you navigate the professional and social scene.  

One such Huskie, Kristen Lobo, a Business & Economics student on her third co-op in the Denver office of Bluewolf Group is a huge Denver fan as she states: “Living and working in Denver is so different from the hustle and bustle of Boston and other cities on the east coast. In Colorado, the spotlight is on Mother Nature, and even people with demanding jobs find time to participate in the many outdoor activities, whether it is joining a local kickball league, running through the city’s 85 miles of paved trails with their dogs, or driving up to the mountains to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, hike, climb, camp and more.

My favorite thing about Denver (besides our “300 days of sunshine”) is that so many residents are recent transplants like me who moved to the area simply because they love it. This appreciation drives a really positive mentality throughout the city and serves to enhance the excitement from being one of the rising tech hubs in the U.S.”

Food & Drink:

  • Cheeseburger:  trademarked in Denver
  • Craft beer
  • The snowball (official state drink)
  • Rocky mountain oysters
  • Green chili
  • Bison/Buffalo
  • The first Chipotle and the first Qdoba


  • Biggest Cinco de Mayo parade in the U.S.
  • Denver Art Museum and the Wings Over Rockies Air and Space Museum
  • Go to the 3-day Great American Beer Festival, held every fall


  • Cheer on the Colorado Rockies at Coors field and the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium
  • Mount Evans
  • Check out The Source, a new 26,000 square foot marketplace


Here are a sampling of top companies and job opportunities – Log into NUcareers through your MYNEU to explore and apply!

Ball Aerospace Job ID : 1822421 Thermal Engineer I
Job ID : 1822441 Engineer I – Mission Systems Engineering (System Operability)
Lockheed Martin Job ID : 1822453 Systems Engineer-IT Asc
Job ID : 1822471 Software Engineer Asc
Oakman Aerospace Job ID : 1822477 Aerospace Systems Engineer
Sierra Nevada Corporation Job ID : 1822479 Systems Engineer
Job ID : 1822481 Pricing Support Analyst I S
Job ID : 1822482 Program Planning & Scheduling Analyst
McNeil Gray & Rice Public Relations Job ID: 1822414 PR/Marketing Internship
Job ID:1822411 Public Relations Entry Level Position
Smashburger Job ID: 1822439 Lease Analyst
Job ID: 1822443 Lease Administrator
Job ID: 1822444 Product Manager, Digital Commerce
Job ID: 1822447 Procurement Coordinator
Job ID: 1822450 E-Commerce Marketing Manager
Job ID: 1822454 People Support Service Center Specialist (Bilingual)
Job ID: 1822458  IT Quality Assurance Engineer (Long Term Contract)
Centura Health  Job ID : 1822418 RN – Gen Med
Job ID : 1822420 Registered Nurse ICU
Job ID : 1822422 Registered Nurse PRN
DaVita Healthcare Job ID : 1822426 Project Analyst
Job ID : 1822431 Director, Internal Audit
Job ID : 1822432 Sr. UX Researcher
Denver Health Group Job ID : 1822435 Addictions Psychiatrist
Job ID : 1822438 Urgent Care Physician Job
Job ID : 1822442 Trauma and Acute Care Surgeon
HealthONE Corporations Job ID : 1822445 Interventional Radiology Technologist Lead
Job ID : 1822451 Registered Nurse
Job ID : 1822455Director Medical Staff Service
Job ID : 1822457 RN PRN (Wound Care)
Job ID : 1822459 Electrophysiology Nurse Practitioner
Job ID : 1822462 Registered Nurse (RN) – Infusion
Job ID : 1822468 Surgery Technician II
Job ID : 1822470 Nurse Manager – NICU III
SCL Health System Job ID : 1822474 RN Nurse Practitioner – Clinic
Job ID : 1822475 Director Patient Access
Job ID : 1822476 Mental Health Worker
Morse Corporation Job ID: 1822469 Robotics Software Engineer

Additional Companies:
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Qdoba Mexican Grill
Dish Network Corporation
Integer Group
Quest Communications
Noble Energy
United Launch Alliance (ULA)
Space Foundation

Coming Next: Beyond the Green Line – China

We want your feedback!

Feel free to leave us a comment if there’s anything we’ve missed or a particular city you’d like us to profile.  If you’d like to have your photos considered for the next post, send over your Denver photos now!

This post was authored by Melissa Glaser Rubin, a Career Development Contractor in Northeastern’s Career Development Department.  Melissa is a career specialist with previous experience in education and nonprofit management.  She has lived and worked in 5 states and traveled to 37 and loves exploring all that a city has to offer.  You can contact her at



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Alane De Luca, Global Employer Relations

One Chance to Make a First Impression

My recent trip to India in January, proved to be more profitable for Northeastern’s signature Global Co-op program than I ever imagined! I set off to the south Asian country in mid-January, landing in New Delhi – my first of eight stops, ultimately making my way to my final destination, Bangalore – India’s largest most southern city. With a packed itinerary already unfolding, I was immediately struck by the warmth and generosity of the Indian people, who always seemed to magically appear at just the right time when I was in need of help with directions or simply trying to find the best local fare. The expeditious pace in a land of stark contrasts, make India a travel destination for not the faint of heart. India is changing at an unprecedented rate. Most of us understand this, but it’s the speed, degree and permanence of this transformation that can sometimes be indigestible. India is a vibrant society with an increasingly vigorous internal dynamic and an increasing influence, directly and indirectly, in the world.

During the course of many meetings, I was astonished at the level of interest there was to partner with Northeastern. I met with an array of professionals – everyone from multinational CEOs and founders of ambitious start-ups to high-powered global HR directors and department heads. Below, I am photographed in Mumbai, India with CEO Captain Milind Patankar (left) and Deputy Manager Yadam Sai Hrushikesh Reddy (center) of the multinational shipping company, Transworld Group. Founder and Chairman Mr. Ramesh Ramakrishnan is the parent of our esteemed alumna and Young Global Leader, Anisha Ramakrishnan who heads up the Dubai Transworld office. One of the most rewarding components of my position as Director of Global Employer Relations is seeing firsthand the convergence of connections – it is through a strong internal network of passionate alumni/ae, which catapults Northeastern to the top of its game – as a leader in global experiential learning.

Alane De Luca, Director for Global Employer Relations in Mumbai, India

Existence and Coexistence:  Culture, Diversity, Spirituality, Poverty and Modernity

There are paradoxical implications when one thinks of a country peacefully coexisting, when the simple fact of the matter is, India is host to15 different languages, 3000 dialects, all the world’s major religions, and a population of 1.3 billion people – where 20% reside in cities and the rest of the population live in the 600,000 villages across India. I found a level of hunger that I have not experienced anywhere else. In every corner of the country, people are innovating, creating, developing, imagining, and strategizing – all with an acute appetite to contribute and to succeed. One of the direct benefactors of this fast-paced growth and welcomed drive for globalization, are the thousands of students and alumni/ae from Northeastern University. Ripe for talent, Northeastern has positioned itself as the primary global talent pipeline for many of these newly developed partnerships. Photographed with me below in scenic coastal Goa are Chief Planning Officer Mohan Krishnan (right) and Global HR Director Ashwini Joglekar (center) of Prototyze, a venture-builder under the brand name Private Unlimited. I was so impressed with this Google-like start-up lab (tree house retreat included!) – it was the quintessential mix of high tech meets intellectual cool vibe. Per standard follow-up, Prototyze has already submitted 5 co-op positions for the upcoming July cycle.

Alane De Luca, Director for Global Employer Relations in Goa, India

Biggest Take Away

Every professional with whom I met is keen on collaborating with Northeastern – that can go without saying. Beyond that, each employer is open to both Indian and non-Indian students – the focus on global co-op in India has been set in motion, so if you are a student looking to build your professional capital look no further. I am hopeful students will take advantage of these incredible opportunities, where they are sure to gain not only invaluable skills, but unquantifiable cultural experience.  You can peruse all co-op jobs in India by using the key search ‘Global-Asia’ in NU Careers. If you have any questions, please meet with your Co-op Faculty Coordinator.


Alane De Luca, Director for Global Employer Relations, Northeastern University

Alane De Luca oversees the Global Employer Relations team and global lead-generation initiatives within Career Development and Cooperative Education.  She comes to Northeastern with 25+ years of experience working in the international education arena.  Alane’s passion for global experiential learning began when she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, where she worked alongside NGO’s and native Senegalese in rural parts of northern Senegal.  Upon returning to the states, she assumed a position funded by the United States Agency for International Development focusing on initiatives set forth by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation and administered at Northeastern.  She also has experience directing global and experiential learning programs within academia at Merrimack College, Salem State University, Suffolk University Law School, and Saint Anselm College.  She is a dual citizen of Italy, holds an M.Ed. from Northeastern University and a B.A. from The College of the Holy Cross.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien