Beyond the Green Line: Seattle


BEYOND THE GREEN LINE is a blog series featured on the Northeastern University Career Development Blog, ‘The Works’.  Each post highlights a major city and gives you an inside look at the local food, culture, music scene, the industries that are thriving there, and some current job openings in the area.

This post written by guest author third year Northeastern student Molly Osmulski. 

With rankings like #1 on Business Insider’s “Top U.S. Cities for Culture,” #3 on’s “Top 10 Cities for Milliennials” and  #7 on Conde Nast Traveler’s “Best Places to Live,” you may think we’re talking about New York or L.A. Nope! Our focus this month is on Seattle, home of 8 Fortune 500 companies, including giants like Microsoft,, Starbucks and Nordstrom.

Seattle has been seeing consistent, steady job growth in many markets and is beaming with opportunities for the young urban professional. Forbes even named it the “#1 Best City for Jobs in 2015” based on metrics like job opportunities, starting salaries, median wages and commute times.

 Not only does Northeastern have a significant Alumni network in Seattle, we also have AN ENTIRE GRADUATE CAMPUS there as well which offers flexible, local industry-aligned programs. Seattle is quite a draw – in fact, we’ve had over 100 students co-op in Seattle this year alone!  Check out some of the adventures they’ve had:


Hiking to Hidden Lake Lookout in Washington: Rachel Anderson, Northeastern student on co-op at Seattle Corporate Search


Exploring at Shi Shi Beach in Washington:  Northeastern students Rachel Anderson, on co-op at Seattle Corporate Search (left), and Caleb Tenenbaum, on co-op at Amazon Fresh (right)


Northeastern co-op Teresa Tran and her supervisor Dave Liloia at Amazon Web Services

Dave Liloia of Amazon Web Services has managed 5 Northeastern co-ops including Teresa and shared, “Here at AWS, we’re constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible and experimenting with really interesting ideas. For example, we just started experimenting with IoT buttons to automate support requests from others in marketing, where else in the world do you get to do that?”

If amazing job opportunities and Northeastern alums aren’t enough to convince you? Here are a few more reasons…

Food and Drink:

  • You’ll never be at a loss for caffeine in Starbuck’s home city
  • Order a bowl of pho at one of the many local Vietnamese restaurants
  • Have a pint at one of Seattle’s the many microbreweries – Washington is the top hops producer in the country!
  • Taste a Seattle Dog, they’re topped with cream cheese and caramelized onions
  • Try a scoop of Balsamic Strawberry or Honey Lavender ice cream at the famous Molly Moon’s


  • Bumbershoot, one of the largest festivals in North America, held annually on Labor Day Weekend, features some of the biggest names in music -previous headliners include Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and The Weeknd
  • Seattle International Film Festival (mid May-Early June) brings the best international and independent filmseattle-museum-of-flights to Seattle each year
  • Some of the many great museums include the Museum of Flight, Seattle Art Museum and the Frye Art Museum
  • You can take your best friend almost anywhere is one of the country’s most dog-friendly cities


  • Check out Pike’s Place Market, often regarded as the best market in America (and home of the first Starbucks!)
  • Root for the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariners
  • Ride to the top of the Seattle Space Needle, built for the 1962 World’s Fair
  • Take a ferry to Vashon Island to buy produce directly from family farms or go berry picking on nature preserves
  • Have a picnic or bonfire in Discovery Park, the city’s largest park (534 acres and 12 miles of walking trails!)

Worried about all that infamous Seattle rain? Don’t be – Boston, New York, and Houston are all among the 43 U.S cities that get more annual rainfall than Seattle. Still not convinced? Here’s 15 more reasons:

Job Opportunities – log into NUcareers through your MYNEU to apply!

  • Software Development Engineer Full-time and Summer Intern; International Retail Financial Analyst
  • Payscale, Inc. Account Executive, Small Business; Account Development Representative
  • Russell Investments Consultant
  • Dropbox Software Engineer University Grad; Software Engineer Intern; Product Manager
  • Apple Software Engineer, Infrastructure Engineering
  • Pitchbook Data, Inc. Recruiting Coordinator; Customer Service Associate
  • The Boeing Company Business Intelligence Analyst; Data Scientist
  • Nordstrom Software Development Engineer – (UI Fullstack)
  • TUNE, Inc. Software Development Engineer; Account Manager (fluency in Mandarin required.)

                   Coming up Next Week: Beyond the Green Line – Washington, D.C.

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This post was authored by Molly Osmulski, a third-year Northeastern student. Molly is working toward a degree in Marketing with a minor in International Affairs. She works part time at the Northeastern Career Development office and has previously completed a co-op at Travel + Leisure Magazine in NYC and has studied abroad at the London School of Economics. When she is not studying or searching for her next co-op, she loves traveling, thrift shopping and trying new foods. You can contact her at

An American in China

Picture1Did you know that despite the recent slow-down in the Chinese economy, many employers in the Middle Kingdom continue to build their talent pipelines in anticipation of an eventual uptick? With new products and advancing technologies emerging every day in China, companies there are clamoring for talent and are looking beyond their own walls for workforce solutions – especially from native Chinese (aka Chinese Returnees) who studied abroad and are now considering returning home for work.

I recently represented Northeastern at the inaugural Global University Career Development Conference in Beijing & Shanghai organized by LockinChina, one of the first organizations in Asia to provide a comprehensive, on-line platform for both students and employers seeking to make mutual hiring connections. Students leverage LockinChina services as a strategic way to identify Chinese companies that are hiring; employers utilize the platform as a direct pipeline into their target recruiting audience.

The conference was designed to provide U.S. and global career services professionals insight into the Chinese recruiting process and employment landscape, while also sharing strategies around encouraging Chinese students to consider their home country as a viable employment location. Some key take-aways from the conference that pertain to Chinese Returnees (NU students & alums) include: it’s critical that you understand the hiring landscape before you apply for positions; familiarize yourself with the Chinese recruiting cycle so you don’t miss hiring opportunities; understand how Chinese employers conduct interviews; and be prepared to readjust to Chinese workplace culture. Northeastern’s Career Development office can help students & alumni prepare for their Chinese job search in many of these areas.

pexels-photo-24329The conference also provided an opportunity to connect with 4 Major Chinese employers: DiDi, Decathlon, BOE, and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Each employer recognizes the importance of broadening their talent development strategiesand are eager to connect with Chinese Returnees and other international graduates, especially those from United States. DiDi – China’s version of Uber – is significantly growing their workforce and is actively seeking Chinese graduates abroad to fill positions designed for engineers, computer scientists, data analysts, and marketing professionals, to name a few.

So if you’re considering returning home to China to start or advance your career, be aware that the race for talent is on, the competition is fierce, but companies want you! You are encouraged to connect with Northeastern’s Career Development Team to help you in all of your career search needs, so don’t hesitate to set up an appointment soon. Also, for additional information on the Chinese hiring landscape, check out resources like LockinChina as well.

Working with Staffing Firms: A Guide for Grads

This post was authored by Logan Spillane, Recruiter, LABUR Consultingpexels-photo-29594 The staffing industry can get a bad rap among job seekers-from making false promises, to not communicating with candidates. While certain criticisms may hold true with some firms, it is not by any means an indictment of the entire industry as a whole. In fact, a good agency can help job seekers discover a great job and open new doors on their way to the career they have always wanted.

In order to navigate a saturated and sometimes overwhelming field of companies, it is helpful to have some tips to make the process easier.

  • Should you pay a fee?

Never. There is no guarantee that paying an agency a fee will get you a job.

  • How do I know when I have a good recruiter?

I believe there are a couple of different signs of a good recruiter. First and foremost, a good recruiter will keep your interests and goals in mind, and won’t just send you the next job they have. Rather, they will send you positions that align with what you are looking to do, and help your career. Second, a good recruiter will be transparent, honest and give you the information that you, as a candidate deserve to know. One of the biggest reasons people give me for not wanting to work with an agency is the fact that they have had an experience where a firm has been dishonest and misled them. A good recruiter won’t feed you misinformation on things like the pay rate, contract status, actual job responsibilities, etc., and will give you the true facts on each opportunity.

  • How should I vet recruiters to find the right one?

My biggest piece of advice on vetting recruiters to find the right one is to talk to and meet with many of them, and see who can provide you with the best service not just in terms of a job, but also in personalizing your experience, getting to know you as a person, and being upfront and honest. It will take some time, but it will allow you to find the right recruiter and will help ensure that you do not end up getting burned. See what each company has to offer, ask a lot of questions (ex. on the agency, the areas they focus on, the jobs they see, the process, etc.) and pick the one or two recruiters that will focus on you not only as a candidate, but as a person because at the end of the day it’s your career. LinkedIn recommendations, GlassDoor, and other career websites can also serve as a valuable tool in finding a good recruiter. Finally, asking friends and family about firms they would recommend can be a valuable asset in finding a good recruiter.

  • How do I identify recruiters?

Northeastern’s career website has a good list to go off to start with. Additionally, running a Google search on staffing firms in your area can also be another route. However, I would recommend taking 10 minutes to read through each company’s website to see what they are all about and how they can best serve you and your career.  Also, be sure to check out his/her LinkedIn profile—look for recommendations, and also for anyone you know who knows that recruiter and consider reaching out to obtain any feedback you can…or maybe even a soft reach out from your common contact to the recruiter of interest. The recruiter can then also have that informal recommendation from someone they know about you!

  • Will I receive help preparing for the interview? Help with Salary Negotiation?

A good agency will always help prep candidates for every interview they go on-whether they are just out of school or an experienced professional. In many cases, they may also help prep you for the salary negotiation. For someone just out of school, it is especially helpful to have someone providing them with tips and assistance on their way to nailing the interview and getting the job!

LABUR Consulting is a staff augmentation firm based in Boston that specializes in the tech and finance industries. You can learn more about us at