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Results are the product of technique!

Personal Training is available to all Northeastern Campus Recreation members:

Meet one-on-one with a certified personal trainer who will design a customized and comprehensive fitness program to help you maximize your fitness. Our trainers strive to empower their clients to reach their full potential through motivation as well as providing accountability and education. We base our recommendations on sound scientific principles and are committed to providing our trainers with continuous professional development to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to work with all fitness levels, ages, and goals in a safe and effective way.

Personal Training Program Description

Initial Assessment Package      3 sessions      $75.00 for NU students, $100 for others

The Initial Assessment Package is for all new clients, whether you are a first time exerciser or a seasoned athlete. The Package includes three appointments with a trainer as outlined below:

Individual Sessions                     1 for $35.00     5 for $150.00
Individual sessions are for clients who have already completed the initial assessment package and are continuing to train and work towards achieving their goals with a personal trainer.