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Intramural Wiffleball

Intramural Wiffleball with Northeastern University is a new addition to the department's repretoire. This active and high energy league is ideal for enjoying the beautiful Boston weather.

Played on the brand new Huntington Yard turf, players are able to take their best shot at a replica of the famous Green Monster. With the new turf underfoot and the authentic diamond set up, Intramural Wiffleball is a great way to bond with your fellow classmates.

The K Zone (Click to Enlarge)

Home Runs (Click to Enlarge)

Ground Rule Doubles (Click to Enlarge)

Modeled after traditional baseball, Northeastern's wiffleball league adheres to most of it's rules, but with 5 players per side. When batters get a hit, they run bases in order to score runs. Because there is no sliding, however, players may safely overrun every base so long as they do not round the corner to the next base.

If a player is able to hit the ball over the Green Monster, the hit will be determined an automatic home run. Also, if a player hits a ball into the back garden it will be ruled a ground rule double.

Huntington Yard (Click to Enlarge)

Wiffleball with Northeastern Intramural Sports is a fast pitch league with a traditional baseball pitch count of 4 balls and 3 strikes. Strikes are called when the pitch hits the 'K Zone' (the plastic strikezone behind the batter) in any place except for the support legs. Every other pitch will be ruled a ball.

There are a few important rules that players should note. First, any player that slides will be immediately called out. The same stands for any player that steals or bunts, as well. Also worth noting is that a team must have at least 4 players present at game time to avoid a forfeit.

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