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Intramural Washers

Washers is a doubles sport that is played as a best of five games. Each game is played to 21 points with a washer in the hole worth five points.

The basic principle of the game is similar to that of cornhole. Teammates stand next to opposite goals, and all the washers start on one side. Opponents alternate throwing their washers towards the opposite goal. Once all washers have been tossed, the score is tallied for that round. The, the other teammates toss the washers back at the other goal.

Cancellation scoring is used, so only one team can score per round. Washers is self-officiated and scored, so players are encouraged to call the score out before each round. Should a disagreement occur, players should find an amicable way to settle the issue. The intramural staff member can answer any rule questions and concerns, but players should attempt to settle disputes themselves first.

For a complete list of Washers rules click here.