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Intramural Wallyball

Wallyball is played in racquetball court three in the Cabot Center. The sport is played similar to volleyball in that teams are allotted just three hits before the ball must be played over the net. Also, the same fouls are enforced: lift, double hit, four hits, etc.

However, wallyball has a bit of a twist in that the ball is played off of the walls. Also, regulation volleyball is not used. Rather, the ball used is called a wallyball and it resembles an oversized racquetball or handball, which allows it to bounce off of the walls better.

The game is played as a best of three sets, and it is self-officiated. There is an intramural staff member on site to settle any disputes, but teams are expected to display good sportsmanship throughout the competition.

Remember that all players must wear athletic clothing and present their Husky card in order to play.

For a complete list of Wallyball rules click here.