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Intramural Volleyball

Volleyball is one of Northeastern University's most popular Intramural Sports. Requiring no prior experience, volleyball is enjoyable for players of all levels of skill and athleticism and either gender.

All indoor volleyball games are played at the Marino Center. The nets are set at the official NCAA women's height and the courts are a standard basketball sized court.

Player Serving

Depending on the season, Northeastern Intramural Sports offers 2 on 2 Volleyball, 4 on 4 Volleyball and 6 on 6 Volleyball. All versions are relatively similar and are governed by United States Volleyball Association rules, whether they are women's, open or co-recreational leagues.

All matches are played to the best of 3 games, where the first two games are played to 25 points. If a third game becomes necessary, it shall be played to 15 points.

Even if you haven't played since high school gym class, volleyball with Northeastern Intramural Sports is a fun and exciting sport for just about everybody.

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