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Intramural Softball

Softball at Northeastern Intramural Sports is a fun league that anyone can get excited about. Played slow pitch, this is an ideal sport for players of every skill level.

Intramural Softball is played at Clemente Field, located out in The Fens. With stadium style lighting, the diamond is bright and illuminated so that leagues may run into some of the darker hours of the Fall. On the border of campus, this newly refinished softball field is a great location for players to enjoy a liesurely game of softball at its best.

Home Run Zones (Click to Enlarge)

Clemente Field (Click to Enlarge)

Intramural Softball is a slow pitch league where teams pitch to their own batters. Batters are given 3 pitches to hit, regardless of whether it is a ball or strike. If the offensive pitcher interferes with a hit ball, the batter will automatically be declared out.

Teams consist of a minimum of 7 players. There may be up to 9 on the field at a time. Games will be scheduled for 7 full innings, however, they may be ended sooner based on the sport supervisor's discretion.

To ensure the safety of all of our players, there is absolutely no sliding allowed. Players may, however, overrun every base as long as they do not round the corner.

The Bunting Zone (Click to Enlarge)

It is important to remember that the judgement of the officials is final. Any argument will not be tolerated. Also, players must wear appropriate athletic attire, and may not wear cleats.

For a complete list of softball rules click here.

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