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Intramural Soccer - Tennis

Soccer-Tennis is one of the intramural department's most unique sports. This sport is played similarly to tennis, except it is played with a soccer ball. Participants may use any part of their body except their hands and arms to return the ball to the other player's court.

One main difference in rules is that players may juggle the ball with their body. The only stipulation is that the ball may only bounce once in a player's court before he/she must return it back over the net.

As with the rest of the intramural sports, players must wear athletic attire and bring their valid Husky card. Remember that soccer-tennis is played in the Cabot Cage, so Husky cards are needed to enter the facility.

Also, soccer-tennis is an individual sport, so you do not need a team or partner to play.

For a complete list of Soccer - Tennis rules click here.