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Intramural Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer is Northeastern University's largest Intramural Sport. All games are played at the Cabot Center's newly renovated turf field.

Teams compete for the coveted Intramural Sports Championship, determined by a single elimination tournament at the end of the regular season. Each semester co-rec, recreational, womens and competitive leagues are offered ensuring that soccer is a sport in which everyone may particpate regardless of their skill level.

Sliding is an automatic yellow card

Rules Review - In-the-Box
  • No offensive player may be in their opponent's goal box before the ball enters the box.
  • This rule replaces the offsides rule.
  • The defense will be awarded an indirect free kick in the event this happens.

Punting or dropkicking is not allowed

As with traditional soccer, the team with the most goals at the end of both 15 minute halves will be declared the winner.

Teams consist of 5 field players plus one goalie, for a total of 6 players on the field at a time. Each player must wear athletic attire and appropriate shoes. No cleats will be allowed. Shin guards are recommended, but not required.

The boundaries are designated by cones and the edge of the indoor track. All of a team's substitutes must stay in the designated sub boxes until they are ready to enter the game.

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All teams must have a goalie for the duration of the game. Keepers may not throw the ball over the midline, punt or dropkick the ball, however they may play as a field player so long as they stay on their side of the field. As soon as they leave their half, a violation will be called.

One of the major rules, created to promote the safety of all participants, is that no player may intentionally slide. Any slide will be penalized with a yellow card and a free kick awarded to the opponent.

For a complete list of soccer rules click here.

To see a video of soccer being played click here.