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Intramural Sholf

Sholf is a new intramural sport that combines the gameplay of shuffleboard with the equipment of golf. The objective is to be the first player to 21 points. Players alternate putting from one end of the mat to the other end until all balls have been putted. Then, each player may re-putt their worst ball.

After all balls have been putted, the score for that round is tallied. Only one player may score each round. The player whose ball is closest to the scoring end, scores for that round. If the yellow ball is closest to the scoring end, then all yellow balls that have passed all white balls score.

Just as with shuffleboard, players are encouraged to knock their opponent's ball.

Sholf is and individual sport, so you do not need a partner to play. All players must bring their valid Husky card to each game in order to be able to play.

For a complete list of Sholf rules click here.