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Intramural Sand Dodgeball

Sand Dodgeball is played at the sand volleyball courts outside of Willis Hall. The game is similar to dodgeball at Marino, but it has a few major differences.

There is no opening rush in sand dodgeball. Instead, each team begins each game with two balls. Also, the game is played as a best of five games. Also, there is a small neutral zone in the middle of the court to separate each side. No player may enter the neutral zone.

Players cannot leave the sand to retrieve a ball unless no one on their team is yet out. Once a team member has become out, that team member must retrieve the balls for his/her teammates. If no one has been declared out, one player may leave at a time to retrieve the balls.

Players must wear athletic attire and bring their valid Husky card to every game.

For a complete list of Sand Dodgeball rules click here.