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Intramural Sand Volleyball

Sand volleyball is an exciting new addition to Norteastern University's Intramural Sports' repretoire. Utilizing the pleasant Boston weather three seasons of the year, sand volleyball is a fun way to remain competative in an outdoor sport.

Sand Volleyball is played at the newly built Willis Hall Court between Willis Hall and West Village F. With a permanent net set up, this fine sand court creates a great variation on the typical volleyball leagues that Intramural Sports runs. Set a scenic courtyard, sand volleyball becomes a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.

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While playing sand volleyball, you may go completely barefoot, wear socks or wear sneakers without any cleats. This is a preference decision made by each player. Players do, however, need to remove any jewelry they are wearing because of safety concerns.

Gameplay for sand volleyball is based off of the rules for indoor 4 on 4 volleyball. Teams need a minimum of 3 players present at game time to avoid a forfeit and may have as many as 15 on their roster.

The rope boundaries specify behind where the server must stand as well as whether a hit lands in bounds.

Come out and play in our great new league!

For a complete list of sand volleyball rules click here.