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Intramural Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey with Northeastern University Intramural Sports is a fast paced game based off of traditional ice hockey. Played with inline skates instead of ice skates, roller hockey is an enjoyable alternative for those accustomed to playing on ice.

Intramural Roller Hockey is played at the Marino Center's Sport Court. The playing surface is specially made to accomodate this sport and provides an ideal venue for student activities.

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As with regular hockey, the object of the game is to shoot the puck into the opponent's goal. At the conclusion of the three, 12 minute periods, the team with the most goals will be declared the winner.

All players are required to wear protective equipment including helmets with full face shields, hockey shin guards, elbow pads, in-line skates and gloves. All players must also wear in-line skates without any brakes or brake assemblies. Players must bring their own equipment, however, it is subject to the approval of the sports supervisor.

Goalies are also expected to wear the appropriate protective gear. This includes a helmet, chest protector, goalie glove, goalie blocker, pads and an athletic cup.

The Marino Center Sport Court

This is a no contact league, so players are expected to play in a controlled and safe manner. Any violations will be dealt with according to Intramural Sports Policy.

There are a couple of other important rules to remember, as well. First, there will be no icing or off-sides in this league. While there are 4 players allowed on the court at a time, a team must have at least 3 players present at game time to avoid a forfeit.

If you are experienced in ice or roller hockey, Intramural Roller Hockey is a great way to stay active in your sport.

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