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Intramural Quidditch

Quidditch, created by J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter novels, is one of the newest intramural sport. But don't worry flying broomsticks are not required. Rather, players must run up and down the field, keeping their broomstick between their legs.

Intramural Quidditch has many of the same objectives of the game seen in the movies. There are chasers on each team who attempt to score the quaffle on each possession to earn his/her team 10 points. There are beaters, who throw bludgers at their opponents to temporarily "knock them out" of play. Each team has a keeper to defend their goals. And they each have a seeker, tasked with finding and capturing the snitch.

However, the snitch is not a large golden ball that floats around. Rather, the snitch is a gold flag belt attached to the snitch runner (dressed in gold), whose goal is to avoid capture for as long as possible. Once the snitch is captured, the game will end at the referee's discretion. The team that caught the snitch is awarded 30 points.

Intramural Quidditch is a non-contact sport, and all contact fouls result in 2 minutes in the penalty box. The offending team must play short-handed during this time.

Just as with other intramural sports, athletic attire and appropriate footwear is required at all times. Also, jewelry cannot be worn during play.

For a complete list of Quidditch rules click here.