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Intramural Mini-Lacrosse

Mini-lacrosse with Northeastern University's Intramural Sports department is an innovative approach to a traditional game. Played at the Marino Center on the modified basketball court called The Sport Court, mini-lacrosse combines the energy of outdoor lacrosse with the confines of basketball.

Teams, consisting 6 players on the court (at least 4 to participate), compete to score goals against their opponent. Sticks and helmets are provided so no experience or equipment is necessary. Just come prepared to play in athletic attire and sneakers.

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Mini-lacrosse games consist of two 15 minute halves for regulation time. The team with the most goals at the end of the game will be declared the victor. If a team is leading by 10 goals in the second half the game will end due to the mercy rule.

At the start of each half, after goals or after certain infractions, the game will be started with a face-off where a player from each team is pitted against the other.

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As this is a no contact league, the Intramural Sports Department encourages the fun and safe participation of players from every skill level. Participants may start a co-ed team with an equal or greater number of females to males.

All teams must have a goalie for the duration of the game. Goalies must wear appropriate helmets, padding and use special goalie sticks that are provided by the Intramural Department.

For a complete list of mini-lacrosse rules click here.

To see a video of mini-lacrosse being played click here.