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Intramural Futsal

Futsal with Northeastern University's Intramural
Sports Department is a fast paced alternative to the traditional soccer program. Played at the Marino Center on the Sport Court, futsal utilizes this unique space to involve players of every skill level.

Futsal is a game, similar to soccer, that uses a smaller weighted ball and has gameplay much like soccer. Using their feet, players attempt to score more goals than their opponent before the completion of regulation time.

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Because of the nature of the facility, certain rules have been adapted to make futsal fun and safe for everybody. The goalie area is the entire space behind the red goal line and box. The keeper may use their hands in this space and no other players may enter. At this time the keeper may play as a field player (kick the ball) or throw the ball, so long as it does not cross midcourt in the air.

As is true with professional futsal, Intramural Futsal is a non-contact league. Even a little contact is penalized with a free kick. After a team is penalized a fifth time, their opponent receives an unobstructed free kick from a designated spot on the court. It is important to remember that even "advantage calls" will be put toward the foul count.

Another important rule is that there is absolutely no sliding permitted. This rule is in place to ensure the safety of all participants.

If you enjoy soccer and want to stay active on campus, come play futsal with Intramural Sports.

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