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Intramural Flag Football

Flag football with Northeastern University's Intramural Sports is a fun and exciting alternative to traditional football. Played in the the newly rennovated Cabot Cage, flag football sparks friendly competition on campus.

Consisting of two 20 minute halves, each flag football game is a 5 on 5, no-contact competition. While players may screen block, they may not use their body or hands to push an opponent.

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End of the run after being deflagged
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Players must show up ready to play in athletic shorts without pockets, an athletic shirt and appropriate sneakers. Unfortunately, cleats can not be allowed because of safety concerns. All flags and jerseys will be provided by the Intramural Sports department.

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As it is a no-contact league, players are given flag belts for each game. In order for the defense to "tackle" the ball carrier, they remove the flag belt from their opponent's waist. Keep in mind, players are not allowed to protect or guard their belt in order to prevent being "tackled."

The rules for flag football are based on the rules for traditional football with a few distinct differences. Teams are given 3 downs to either earn a first down or score. While there is no kicking of the ball, teams may try for one, two or three points after scoring a touchdown.

For a complete list of flag football rules click here.

To see a video of flag football being played click here.