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Intramural Extreme Dodgeball

Extreme dodgeball brings all the action of dodgeball at Marino to an enclosed smaller space. This makes for a much quicker version of this classic intramural sport. Extreme dodgeball is played in racquetball court three of the Cabot Center. Husky cards are required to enter the facility as well as check in to all intramural contests.

Extreme dodgeball is played with the same foam balls as in regular dodgeball. The most important change is the court size. It is difficult to hide in the 40 feet by 20 feet enclosed playing area, making dodging much more challenging. Because of the shortened dimensions, extreme dodgeball does not have an opening rush each game. Instead, each team is given two balls prior to the start of each game.

As players get out, they do not leave the court. Rather, out players must stand against the side wall, allowing them to pass live balls back to their in teammates. The catch is they must stay with their back against the wall at all times.

Another improvement associated with extreme dodgeball is that the side walls are playable, making the game even more fast-paced. Extreme dodgeball is a best of 15 games, because of how short games tend to last. There is even a short water break halftime after the first eight games.

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