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Intramural Dodgeball

Whether offered as a league, a tournament or a special event, Dodgeball is one of the program's most exciting sports. The game is played with foam nerf balls as teams of 6 compete for the Dodgeball championship.

The game starts with each team lined up on their respective endlines and 4 dodgeballs placed at center court. When the official blows their whistle, the players can dash to gain possession of the balls.

Dodgeball on the Sport Court

Boundary Rules Review
  • Players may not leave the area of play or they will be called out.
  • Players may not cross the midline.
  • Players who are out must retrieve the ball for their team mates.
  • If no player on a team is out, one player from the game may leave the court at a time.

Dodgeball on a Basketball Court

Once the official signals the start of the competition the teams have to win the best of 5 games to claim victory of the match. Teams can have 6 players on the court but need a bare minimum of 4 to avoid a forfeit. For co-rec leagues there must be a minimum of one female on the court at the start of the game.

A player is considered out when they are struck by a ball thrown by an opponent or when a ball they have thrown is caught by someone on the other team. Players intentionally aiming or striking another players head with a ball will be declared out. And if a ball hits off two or more opponents everyone hit will be declared out.

If a ball is caught, not only is the thrower declared out - the team that caught the ball can regenerate one of their teammates who was already out. When a player is in possession of the ball they have 15 seconds to throw it before they will be declared out.

Dodgeball is commonly offered as a special end of the semester tournament and as a league in the Spring and Summer semesters.

To participate in a dodgeball game players must wear athletic attire, sneakers and no jewelry.

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