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Intramural Cornhole

Cornhole with Northeastern Intramural Sports is a laid back and fun sport that can be played by anyone. Originating as a picnic game, NU's adaptation is an exciting variation played on the newly built Huntington Yard, outside of Speare Hall.

Set up on the turf, several games can be played at the same time, giving students of all skill levels an opportunity to participate. Played primarily during the daytime hours on weekends, Cornhole is a great escape from the daily grind of work and classes.

Teams of two go head to head, competing to be the first to reach a score of 21 or have the highest score after an hour of play. Teammates stand to the side of opposite boards, directly next to their opponents, and throw a set of 3 bean bags at the far board.

The object of cornhole is for players to throw the bean bag into the hole on the opposite board from where they are standing. If they succeed in making it into the hole, their team will be awarded 3 points. If the bag hits the board, stays on top of it and does not fall through the hole, they will be awarded 1 point. Bags that hit the ground will be disqualified, even if they bounce onto the board.

Scoring (Click to Enlarge)

It is important to remember that players may not step accross the front of the board when throwing. Also, players may not distract, taunt or deceive their opponent during the game.

Because cornhole is a friendly game, all scoring and penalty calls are made by the teams themselves. At the end of the game, players must report the score of the game to the Intramural Staff. If there happens to be a dispute, the sport supervisor will have the final authority.

For a complete list of cornhole rules click here.